The Best Digital Forensic Companies 2024


When looking for a reliable business partner that can deliver results and won’t let you down, it’s in your best interest to stick with the top digital forensic companies with a proven track record of client satisfaction. After all, picking wisely could mean the difference between solving the mystery of the case and bringing the perpetrators to justice or letting them roam free.

By incorporating with the most wise considerations for selecting digital forensic companies, you would easily end up selecting one among a variety of them.

Also, to keep you from having to do the detailed research yourself, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you and listed the top 10 digital forensics companies that are widely recognized in the industry:

1. Cellebrite


A quick glance at Cellebrite’s official website sheds valuable insights into their line of work, which is to bring the guilty to justice, facilitate the power of technology to aid in digital forensics investigations, and manage digital evidence. Since 1999, they’ve worked with roughly 7000 local, federal, state, and enterprise customers from more than 140 countries. Due to their stellar customer satisfaction rates, they’ve cemented themselves as one of the best digital forensic companies on a global level.

Cellebrite is known for developing its own technology to be utilized in digital forensics tools. This allows law enforcement professionals to use advanced software functionality such as:

  • Hashing
  • Selective extraction
  • Accessing encrypted data
  • Data analytics
  • etc.

Those who seek a higher level of mastery in digital forensics are welcome to enroll in one of their training to polish up your investigative techniques. The courses cover:

If you want a glimpse into what their knowledgeable instructors can teach you, there are plenty of helpful resources published on their website, which include ebooks, whitepapers, case studies, and other useful materials for you to study.

Flagship software: Cellebrite Inspector

Tech Pubs Inspector

Utilizing AI-powered media categorization, Cellebrite Inspector was designed to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in the device you’re examining. This includes:

  • Downloads
  • Recent searches
  • Browser history
  • Multimedia files
  • etc.

By introducing an element of automation to your digital forensics investigation, you’ll be able to solve cases much faster without wasting too much precious time and manpower on what you’re looking for.



Ever since 2003, MSAB has diligently been on a mission to punish the guilty and protect the innocent by discovering the truth. Specializing in mobile forensics, they work with law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities to facilitate smart device investigation and uncover traces of illegal activity that inmates might be trying to conceal on their devices.

In addition, they choose to harness their knowledge to develop intuitive and user-friendly digital forensics software for extracting and analyzing data from smartphones that get the job done even if it’s encrypted, obfuscated, or corrupted. Since their software is in line with industry standards, the evidence extracted using their software is admissible in court without any issues.

To help educate their law enforcement, border control, corrections, and military clientele, they offer courses and training on digital and smartphone forensics.

These are aimed at those with the following roles:

Flagship software: XAMN Elements


XAMN Elements is MSAB’s flagship mobile forensic data analysis and reconstruction tool. With the help of its advanced hex carving functionality, you will be able to dig through fragmented or deleted data, thus gathering vital evidence in no time.

Its key advantages are optimizing the processing power for optimal results and preserving the integrity of the evidence gathered.

3. Magnet Forensics


Magnet Forensics is one of a talented team of digital forensics experts that made a decision to transform their in-depth industry knowledge into software tools aimed at law enforcement organizations to help them combat digital crime. Since they fully realize that there is simply too much data on people’s devices to analyze manually, they developed these digital forensics tools to automate the process.

And so their story began in 2011. Even today, they have an ongoing pledge to refine their craft and keep coming up with new innovations designed to revolutionize the industry. Their heartfelt dedication has earned them the trust of thousands of clients originating from more than 100 countries all over the world. In turn, their good work has allowed them to become one of the best computer forensic companies in Canada and abroad.

Aside from software development, their full spectrum of services covers:

  • Corporate fraud investigations
  • Intellectual property theft investigations
  • Malware forensics
  • Lab transformation
  • eDiscovery
  • Incident response and cybersecurity
  • Insider threat investigations
  • Case management and process automation
  • HR investigations

Flagship software: Magnet DVR Examiner


Magnet DVR Examiner has the capacity to recover from CCTV systems, even if the device got damaged. It can bypass password protection and sometimes recover footage even if it’s deleted, corrupted, or otherwise inaccessible.

After that, you can export the video to a plethora of native formats without compromising the integrity of the evidence.

4. Elcomsoft


Elcomsoft is one of the top digital forensic companies that specialize in software development designed to detect digital threats and patterns of criminal activity. Aside from home users, their target markets also include law enforcement organizations, enterprises, military, and government organizations.

Their software solutions are known to be forensically sound and require little to no prior technical knowledge, whether you’re using them to investigate computers, smartphones, or other smart devices. As stated on Elcomsoft’s official website, any evidence extracted using one of their sophisticated digital forensic tools is fully admissible in court.

To keep up with the rising challenges of fighting crime, they are committed to keeping their software up-to-date with regular maintenance and updates. Their tools will help you with the following:

  • Smart device data extraction
  • Unlocking encrypted or password-protected data
  • Accessing an OS account you’ve been locked out of

On top of that, their website hosts plenty of helpful resources on their tools, whitepapers, articles, press releases, and the best industry practices and insights.

Flagship software: Elcomsoft Phone Viewer

Elecomsoft Phone Viewer

Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is a lightweight digital forensics tool aimed at breaking through encryption, viewing backups and files, viewing activity logs, as well as reading any messages received or sent from the phone. It can also extract geolocation and EXIF data.

5. SalvationDATA


This talented team of digital forensics experts and software solution developers has been honing their craft for more than 20 years. Compared to all other digital forensic corps, SalvationDATA is the only integrated digital forensic solutions provider, meaning they have the capacity to cover all aspects of the field, ranging from:

Their diverse range of services has secured them long-lasting partnerships with key industry figures from various fields, including IT, finance, corrections, law enforcement, military, and others. Moreover, SalvationDATA is the only digital forensics solutions provider that offers database forensics software, thus earning them the title of industry innovator and pioneer. Apply for a Free Trial Now!

Apart from that, SalvationDATA earned its industry recognition with a diverse portfolio of cutting-edge digital forensics software tools:

  • Digital Forensic Lab (a one-stop comprehensive digital forensics solution)
  • VIP 2.0 (cutting-edge forensic video analysis software)
  • DBF (the only database-oriented digital forensic tool in the industry)
  • SPF Pro (the leading mobile forensics solution)
  • SVR for HikVision (a targeted video footage extraction and recovery tool)
  • DRS (data recovery system for computers and storage media)

Last but not least, SalvationDATA offers courses, certifications, educational programs, and training, all designed to help you reach the next milestone in your law enforcement career and get a promotion and increased recognition in your field.

You can become proficient in:

  • Basic forensic data recovery
  • Elementary DVR analysis
  • Basic mobile forensics investigation
  • Expert forensic data recovery and acquisition
  • DVR forensics
  • Mobile forensics
  • RAID and databases
  • and more!

Flagship software: Video Investigation Portable (VIP 2.0)

Vehice Indentify - VIP 2.0

SalvationDATA’s VIP 2.0 can be used to examine any CCTV surveillance system and scan the footage recorded for clues that play a vital role in the resolution of a case, even if the files are corrupted, damaged, or deleted.

It works with essentially every DVR and NVR brand in the market. Its Motion Detection feature can pinpoint the moments of interest and even automatically determine the speed and direction of the object. Thanks to its Ultra Transcoder and Player functionality, you can play and export the footage in various different formats, all while making sure it’s fully admissible in court.

6. TCS Forensics


After honing their digital forensic skills for over 20 years, TCS Forensics has become one of Canada’s leading security, cyber investigation, and cyber forensic companies. Their expertise and adherence to the strictest industry standards mean their clients can count on professional case investigation and any evidence gathered and analyzed in the process to be fully admissible in court.

The core of their digital forensics service offerings is supplemented by other related services such as intellectual property theft investigation, penetration testing, defamation investigation services, and password recovery. In addition, they have a dedicated incident response team available and ready to be dispatched at all times, whether it be on Christmas Eve or in the middle of the night.

According to the official website, their complete range of services is as follows:

  • Mobile forensics
  • Computer forensics
  • The intellectual property theft investigation
  • Data recovery
  • Onsite investigation
  • Penetration testing
  • Incident response
  • Social media investigation
  • Cloud investigation
  • Ransomware investigation and removal
  • Other cyber security services

7. Oxygen Forensics


Oxygen Forensics is known as one of the leading digital forensics services providers around the globe. With their help, enterprises, organizations, and law enforcement agencies are able to get critical data insights in their investigation at a rapid pace.

But don’t let that acclaim fool you – they’re much more than just software developers. In fact, they’re well versed in various aspects of digital forensics investigations, including IoT, mobile, and drone forensics. Apart from that, they’re equipped with the industry’s most advanced digital forensics analytical and extraction tools.

Basing their operations in Virginia, US, this digital forensic company has an impressive customer track record of having worked with nearly 10,000 clients from over 150 countries. This includes defense and homeland security organizations, private enterprises, and law enforcement agencies of several kinds.

On their official blog, they regularly publish valuable industry insights and informational articles. And if you’d like to participate in formal training, they offer certification programs and educational workshops available to all law enforcement professionals who are looking to refine and hone their craft.

Flagship software: Oxygen Forensic Detective

Oxygen Detective

Oxygen Forensic Detective is a comprehensive software solution for extracting and analyzing data from various different sources, including but not limited to:

  • PCs
  • Smartphones
  • IoT devices
  • Media cards
  • Cloud
  • Drones

It can also bypass passwords and screen locks as well as break encryption to allow you to access the files that may be of interest to you during the investigation. Through file categorization, you can quickly find the evidence you’re looking for.

8. Enigma Forensics


Enigma Forensics has over 20 years of experience extracting data of various sorts. So if you need a thorough examination of cell phones, hard drives, network servers, or other smart devices, they’re the go-to experts who specialize in the field. As they’ve said themselves, they are the data geeks who will retrieve, preserve, collect, and present digital data in all shapes and forms.

As stated on their official website, they will assist you in the unfortunate event of a data breach. In case you need someone to assist you in the legal process, they can also know the ins and outs of eDiscovery. Based in Chicago, Illinois, their clientele comes from the Fortune 500 circles, which means they’re no strangers to working with high-profile financial institutions, government agencies, law firms, and healthcare providers.

Their service portfolio lists:

  • eDiscovery protocol consulting
  • Mobile phone forensics
  • Photo forensics
  • Info security risk assessments
  • ESI data mapping
  • Data breach incident response
  • Forensic data collection
  • Online identity investigations

9. Cyfor


Cyfor is a UK-based data forensics company that specializes in eDiscovery, DFIR, and cyber security, both proactive and reactive. To name an example, they can check whether your company’s sensitive information has been listed on the dark web or they can assist you in the aftermath of a data breach.

Ever since 2002, they’ve diligently been investigating smartphones, computers, and other smart devices for traces of criminal activity. They’re the proud holders of the ISO 17025 certificate that signals their technical competence and the capacity to generate valid test results in line with the standards set by the Criminal Justice System.

Their services cover:

  • Data recovery
  • Call data record analysis
  • Expert witness services
  • Mobile phone forensics
  • Indecent imagery
  • Audio visual forensics
  • Digital media investigations
  • Incident response
  • Onsite investigations
  • Forensic readiness planning
  • And others

Overall, Cyfor is one of the most well-known computer forensic company in the UK with several media mentions, both locally and abroad.

10. Blackhawk Intelligence


Blackhawk Intelligence is one of the top digital forensic companies that specialize in matters involving cyber security. Whenever such an incident occurs in a corporate environment, they are determined to work closely with the business owners to discover a trail the cybercriminals left behind, no matter how hard they try to conceal it. According to their website, they also take on cases involving bankruptcy, insolvency, and fraud.

Being the IT specialists that they are, they can quickly secure and analyze large batches of data – whatever they discover during the digital forensics investigations is in line with the best industry practices and is thus considered evidence that is admissible in court. You can also choose to work with them as a preventative measure as they can help you discover holes in your network so you can patch them up before they become a problem.

Their portfolio of services includes:

  • Digital fraud services
  • Forensic accounting
  • Digital forensics services
  • Forensic handwriting analysis

Overall, a very business/corporate-oriented digital forensics company from the UK with a strong background in IT. You can read more about their services and background by visiting the Blackhawk Intelligence official website.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Digital Forensics Companies?

To pick the best digital forensic companies, be on the lookout for:

  • Industry expertise
  • Certification
  • Services offered
  • Reputation
  • Client testimonials

In addition to that, there are certain questions you can ask them that will help you determine the best candidate for the job. We wrote a detailed article about it here. We also invite you to read our article on top considerations when choosing the best digital forensics companies that cover the topic more in-depth.


Picking the top digital forensic companies is no easy task. Based on the extensive research we did for you, these are our top 10 recommendations and each of them brings something unique to the table.

Now, it’s on you to go through our comprehensive list and pick the most suitable candidate.