Company Introduction

Since 2001

Salvationdata Technology INC. has been the global leading One-Stop Forensics & Investigation Solution Provider.

By integrating digital forensics, data recovery, data security, and big data solution, the digital lab, SalvationDATA is always committed to providing innovative platforms with proprietary technologies for Law Enforcement, Military & Intelligence, IT & Finance and Lab constructors, etc.

SalvationDATA’s professional engineers and forensic experts are dedicated to providing outstanding service to more than 9,000 customers from over 130 countries around the world.


Company Milestones

Company milestones

Company Mission

Dedicated to the law-enforcement, military and numerous enterprises, SalvationDATA is always committed to providing the most professional digital forensics, data recovery & data security and lab solution. With lots of outstanding endorsements from various fields, including governments, intelligence affiliates, enterprises and even individuals, we’re proud to serve all our clients globally.

Core values


Independent Innovation


Unique Design


Proprietary Manufacture


Patented Technology


Ultimate Customization


Over 20 years Experience

Partnership Program & Benefits

XLY Salvatoindata Technology INC. aims at establishing long-term partnerships with local customers all over the world and we would provide every needed publication and support for our partners so that they could direct service and support the local customers.
  • Competitive partner price
  • Market channel protection
  • Direct product training and technical support
  • Marketing support and marketing funds sponsor

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