Onsite Service

Our specialists provide high-quality services in a variety of fields

Mobile Unlock & Data Recovery

Law-Enforcement, Education, Business, Individuals
  • Individuals: hard disk data recovery, firmware partition damage solution, (flash memory card & usb flash disk) data recovery, etc.
  • Business & organizations: mobile data recovery solutions, video extraction solutions, database recovery solutions, RAID solutions, fragment file reorganization solutions.
  • Supported mobile brands: Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Honor, LG, Oneplus, etc.


  • Data Identification, disk array, data analysis, and physical repair.
  • Data Acquisition: hard disk data extraction, normal mobile communication device data extraction, mobile communication device chip data extraction, digital storage media data extraction, website static data acquisition, website dynamic data acquisition, network data packet acquisition.
  • Data Recovery: unformatted text.
  • Inspection and testing: electronic data search and testing.
  • Data Fixed: Digital storage medium data fix.

Case Assistance

Law-Enforcement, Education, Business, Individuals
  • Technical assistance and data extraction for on-site inspection and remote inspection.
  • Technical support services for various cases.
  • Technical experts on site.