Discover SalvationDATA’s Integrated Digital Forensic Lab Solution


In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, digital forensic investigations play a critical role in uncovering valuable evidence and solving complex cases.

As the need for efficient and effective forensic lab grows, so does the demand for comprehensive solutions to equip these facilities. Enter SalvationDATA, a leading digital forensic lab solution provider committed to revolutionizing the way forensic professionals work.

Over the years, our forensic laboratory solutions have been widely applied across various professional institutions worldwide, receiving excellent reputations and significant recognition.

Today, we will provide a comprehensive introduction to our digital forensic lab solution, exploring all the state-of-the-art offerings and showcasing how we are transforming the industry.

Understanding Digital Forensic Labs

Digital forensic research labs are specialized facilities designed to handle the complex process of collecting, preserving, and analyzing digital evidence.

These labs are an essential part of modern law enforcement, corporate investigations, and cybersecurity operations.

They provide the necessary tools and environment for forensic professionals to conduct their work with precision and accuracy.

Key components of a digital forensic lab include:

  • State-of-the-art hardware and software for forensic examination
  • A secure and controlled environment to protect the integrity and admissibility of evidence
  • Proper workstation design and layout for efficient workflow
  • Compliance with industry standards and best practices
  • Forensic process and initiatives is adjusted to regional regulation

In recent years, the number of digital forensic labs has grown significantly due to the increased reliance on digital evidence in criminal investigations and legal proceedings.

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global digital forensics market size was valued at USD 1.72 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3% from 2019 to 2026.

That said, the demand for digital forensics arsenal is raising and you won’t be willing to be left behind onto the torrent.

To better understand the significance of digital forensic labs, let’s explore SalvationDATA’s approach to setting up a successful facility. (Before that, to dive deep into the demonstration of what is digital forensic lab, you’re also advised to check out our previous ultimate introduction.

Setting Up a Digital Forensic Lab with SalvationDATA

SalvationDATA offers comprehensive guidance and support to help clients establish a digital forensic lab tailored to their specific needs.

From planning and design to implementation and maintenance, SalvationDATA’s expert team ensures a seamless process.

#1 Analyzing client requirements and resources

  • SalvationDATA works closely with clients to understand their goals, budget, and available resources.
  • This ensures that the lab design and equipment selection aligns with the client’s needs and constraints.

#2 Creating a detailed design plan based on client needs

  • Based on the client’s input, SalvationDATA develops a comprehensive design plan that outlines the lab’s layout, equipment, and workflow processes.
  • This plan serves as a roadmap for the lab’s construction and ensures that all essential components are included.
  • Custom 2D sketch layouts Review


We create custom 2D sketch layouts for each client’s digital forensic lab to provide a clear and concise representation of the proposed lab’s floor plan.

These 2D layouts allow clients to visualize the spatial arrangement, allocation of workstations, and placement of equipment within the lab.

By offering an easy-to-understand blueprint, clients can review, provide feedback, and collaborate with us to ensure their specific requirements are met and the lab design is optimized for efficient workflows and operational success.

  • Custom 3D sketch layouts Review

3D layout of a sketch 2023.2.20 - 2.jpeg

3D layout of a sketch 2023.2.20 - 1

In addition to 2D sketch layouts, we also develop 3D sketch layouts for our client’s digital forensic labs to provide a more immersive and realistic understanding of the proposed lab environment.

These 3D layouts enable clients to experience the lab from multiple perspectives and gain a better grasp of the spatial relationships between different areas, equipment, and workstations.

By presenting a lifelike model of the lab, clients can make well-informed decisions on the lab design, ensuring that the final setup is tailored to their unique needs and promoting seamless collaboration and productivity within the forensic team.

#3 Providing top-notch equipment and software

  • SalvationDATA offers a wide range of cutting-edge forensic hardware and software solutions, including renowned digital forensics products like the DRS (Data Recovery System), VIP(Video Investigation Portable), and SPF PRO(SmartPhone Forensic System PRO).
  • These tools are designed to help forensic professionals efficiently collect, preserve, and analyze digital evidence, making sure each step is in a forensically sound manner and admissible as a result.

#4 Ensuring proper installation and configuration of all components

  • SalvationDATA’s team of experts assists with the installation and configuration of all hardware and software components, ensuring that the lab is fully operational and optimized for peak performance.

#5 Delivering ongoing support and training to ensure the lab’s success:

  • To help clients get the most out of their digital forensic lab, SalvationDATA provides ongoing support, training, and updates.
  • This includes access to the latest software releases, expert troubleshooting assistance, and training on new features and best practices.

#6 Industry standard forensic workflow to ensure the integrity and admissibility of the forensic outcome

Our digital forensic lab is designed to serve digital forensic examiners in their pursuit of uncovering the truth in digital forensics investigations.

By adhering to industry-standard forensic workflows, we ensure the integrity and admissibility of the forensic outcomes, providing a reliable foundation for further critical decision-making.

Workflow of salvationdata digital forensic lab

  1. Case Acceptance: Upon case acceptance, digital forensic examiners gather digital evidence from a variety of sources and types, preparing it for the subsequent stages of analysis.
  2. Consolidate: Examiners consolidate the collected digital evidence, ensuring complete file imaging for a thorough examination.
  3. Recovery & Extraction: The process of data recovery and extraction is executed, unveiling pertinent information for the investigation.
  4. Structuralization & Export: The extracted data is then structured and exported, rendering it suitable for SalvationDATA’s Big Data Analysis.
  5. Big Data Analysis & Result Display: Utilizing a combination of proprietary and third-party forensic tools, examiners intelligently analyze various types of digital evidence, including audio, video, network, mobile devices, computers, and IOTs through Big Data analysis techniques, revealing crucial insights.
  6. Case Discussion: Based on the results derived from the Big Data Analysis, forensic examiners engage in internal case discussions to comprehensively understand the evidence and findings.
  7. Forensic Report: Ultimately, forensic examiners submit detailed forensic reports which are automatically generated d by the lab to the appropriate parties, outlining their discoveries and conclusions, thus providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

Beyond that, a more detailed guideline for setting up a digital forensic lab has been published previously to better enlighten our clients.

Just jump to the post to digest all this remarkable information for your digital forensic labs.

Integrated Digital Forensic Lab Solutions: What Makes SalvationDATA Stand Out

Differing from most solutions focusing on single software’s capability, for instance, mobile forensics, the one-step all functions solutions across forensic software and hardware are our most competitive strength.

SalvationDATA’s integrated digital forensic lab solutions offer a variety of benefits that make us the go-to choice for organizations worldwide.

Digital Lab Ecosystem - SalvationDATA

From our renowned hardware platforms, and custom project solutions, to dedicated digital forensics solutions along with professional customer service, SalvationDATA continually updates its offerings with the latest advancements in forensic hardware, software, and services, ensuring that clients have access to the most effective tools, techniques and expectable outcomes.

Comprehensive Forensic Toolset System

The comprehensive Forensic Toolset System for the digital forensic lab is designed to provide a seamless, end-to-end solution for digital forensics professionals.

That said, it is a holistic approach that integrates various tools, technologies, and methodologies to address the diverse needs of digital forensics investigations covering various types of digital evidence.

  • Video Forensics: To serve audio & video-related evidence, VIP 2.0 (Video Investigation Portable 2.0), the flagship video forensic tool from SalvationDATA has been integrated into the toolset.
    • Designed for various DVR or NVR brands, it can efficiently recover deleted, lost, or fragmented videos and perform rapid and effective forensics.
    • Besides, allows users to conveniently access CCTV systems, and extract and restore videos, including using a super transcoder and player.
    • Moreover, VIP2.0 provides video retrieval, video analysis, and motion detection features, helping users quickly identify crucial event timestamps.
    • If there is still an obstacle somehow, our professional team is available to assist with technical cooperation or forensic reports, to ensure our product enhances your forensic efficiency and result accuracy.

VIP 2.0 Interface

  • Database Forensics: Catering to the intricate world of database-related evidence, we present our premier and ever-evolving database forensic tool, DBF(Database Forensic Analysis System). Seamlessly integrated into the Comprehensive Forensic Toolset System, DBF stands as a testament to cutting-edge innovation in the forensic landscape.
    • DBF is a database forensic analysis system with strong compatibility, suitable for various relational or non-relational database types.
    • With DBF, you don’t need to hire expensive database experts, as our system is user-friendly and features a one-click operation. Apart from automatically rebuilding and restoring abnormal database files (deleted/damaged/segmented), it provides visual analysis capabilities for more effectively presenting database forensic results.
    • Most importantly, we operate in a forensic manner, ensuring data integrity and credibility. By using DBF, you no longer need high-level database knowledge to achieve more efficient and reliable database forensic analysis.

Database analysis & Forensics System Product Image

  • Mobile Forensics: Addressing the ever-growing demand for mobile device forensics, SPF Pro(SmartPhone Forensic System Professional), a state-of-the-art mobile forensic solution from SalvationDATA has been integrated. Mobile forensics, as the most popular forensic means, its arsenal kit SPF PRO becomes an essential component of the digital forensic toolkit.
    • SPF PRO is a professional mobile forensics system that supports various mobile brands and applications. This system has robust security mechanisms for effectively extracting and restoring data.
    • It supports almost all smartphone operating systems and offers intelligent data extraction solutions for real-time evidence collection and sensitive data intelligence analysis. Additionally, SPF PRO provides extensive case management features for easy management and analysis of case data.
    • No matter what type of smartphone data you need to handle, SPF PRO delivers efficient, accurate, and reliable solutions.

Smartphone Forensic System Professional - SalvationDATA

  • Computer Forensics and Data Recovery: To unravel the complexities of computer forensics and data recovery, the Comprehensive Forensic Toolset System is equipped with DRS(Data Recovery System), a multifaceted solution from SalvationDATA. This powerhouse tool solidifies the toolset’s position as a comprehensive and robust system for digital forensics professionals.
    • DRS is a multifunctional data recovery system suitable for various file systems and storage media, helping users address data loss issues in digital forensic cases.
    • The system can perform file recovery and file carving, disk diagnostics, and firmware recovery, and offers disk imaging, monitoring, and pattern scanning features.
    • DRS also comes with hardware support (read-only protector + disk duplicator) to ensure data security, integrity, and more effective data recovery capabilities.

Data Recovery System - DRS

The Comprehensive Forensic Toolset System holds immense significance for the digital forensic lab, as it offers a unified, end-to-end solution to tackle complex investigations.

By incorporating advanced tools for video, database, mobile, and computer forensics, this system addresses the diverse needs of digital forensic professionals, enhancing their efficiency and accuracy in handling various types of digital evidence.

Furthermore, its user-friendly design empowers investigators to manage and analyze complex cases without requiring specialized knowledge in each domain, making it an invaluable asset for digital forensic labs in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Abundant Hardware Equipment and Facilities

SalvationDATA’s one-stop digital forensic laboratory is an all-inclusive digital forensic solution applicable to judicial, security, and investigation sectors, featuring the following abundant hardware equipment and facilities:

  • Forensic Workbench: Offers a professional digital forensic workbench, enabling users to conduct digital forensics quickly and efficiently.
  • Intelligent Forensic Workstation: Equipped with an intelligent forensic workstation to help users rapidly obtain and analyze digital evidence.
  • Intelligent Data Analysis and Visualization Center: Integrates an intelligent data analysis and visualization center to better analyze and present digital evidence.
  • Secure Storage Cabinet: Equipped with a secure storage cabinet to ensure the security and confidentiality of digital evidence.
  • Conference Center: Equipped with a conference center, facilitating user collaboration and

discussion during the forensic process.

  • IT Infrastructure: Provides comprehensive IT infrastructure, including servers, UPS, and local area networks.
  • Access Control System: Equipped with an access control system to ensure the security and integrity of digital evidence.
  • CCTV Surveillance System: Equipped with a CCTV surveillance system to comprehensively monitor the digital forensics process.
  • Case Management System: Offers a complete case management system, making it convenient for users to manage and track digital evidence.

The comprehensive application of the above hardware systems makes the one-stop digital forensic laboratory a complete, efficient, and secure digital forensic solution.

Digital Lab Division in SalvationDATA

Standard Laboratory Construction Process

  • Requirement Analysis and Planning: Design the laboratory layout and functional requirements based on customer needs and laboratory scale, and develop a detailed laboratory construction plan.
  • Hardware Equipment Deployment: Select suitable hardware equipment for the laboratory according to the planning and requirement analysis, including desktop computers, servers, storage devices, network equipment, and monitoring equipment.
  • Software Tool Deployment: Choose appropriate digital forensics software tools and related operating systems and databases based on laboratory requirements, including but not limited to video forensics, mobile forensics, database forensics, and data recovery tools.
  • Laboratory Construction: Build and debug the laboratory according to the planning and hardware and software equipment deployment, ensuring the normal operation of all devices and data security.
  • Laboratory Training: Train laboratory administrators and operators, including digital forensics technology, laboratory equipment operation, and maintenance, ensuring the normal operation and data security of the laboratory.
  • Laboratory Acceptance: Conduct a comprehensive acceptance check of the laboratory, including hardware equipment operation, software tool usage, and laboratory management processes, ensuring the normal operation and data security of the laboratory.

Through the above standard laboratory construction process, SalvationDATA provides high-quality digital forensic laboratory construction services to customers, ensuring the security, stability, and efficiency of the laboratory.

Comprehensive support

From initial planning to ongoing maintenance, SalvationDATA provides expert guidance every step of the way. Our dedicated team is available to address any questions or concerns clients may have throughout the lab’s lifecycle.

Security and Compliance

SalvationDATA’s solutions adhere to strict industry standards, ensuring the protection of digital evidence and compliance with best practices.

This includes adherence to guidelines established by organizations such as the Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Customizable solutions

Clients can tailor their lab setup to meet their regional regulations, and unique requirements, ensuring optimal results. This flexibility allows for scalability as the organization’s needs evolve over time.

Third-Party Solutions Compatibility

For instance, SalvationDATA is now capable of integrating forensic solutions from Cellebrite, MSAB, and Magnet Forensics. Those who are using their offerings are compatible in our labs and able to seamlessly cooperates all the way.


(Cellebrite – UFED)

Cellebrite - UFED


Customization Advantage to Aid Unique condition

Besides, the customization of the lab solutions to meet the regional language, regional cases, and other requirements are totally one of the biggest strengths that differentiate us from others.

We understand the different needs of various regions and cases, as well as the differences in legal regulations for the recognition of forensics processes and results between regions.

Therefore, our solution can be tailored to the specific needs of customers. Whether it’s language, functionality, or other special requirements, we can provide flexible customization according to the customer’s specific situation to meet their needs.

This personalized customization not only improves the client’s work efficiency but also helps them better handle complex cases and improve forensics results.

Overcoming Challenges with SalvationDATA’s Expertise

We absolutely understand the challenges faced by organizations when setting up an in-house digital forensic lab, since such a crucial project would cost efforts and resources with multi departments and stakeholders.

However, leveraging our expertise, we’ve proved that our capabilities from us reassured most of our clients in overcoming massive obstacles.

Make the utmost of the limited resources

  • SalvationDATA helps clients optimize their lab setup based on available resources, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  • We provide guidance on cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise the quality of the forensic process.

Security concerns

  • SalvationDATA’s solutions are designed to protect sensitive data and maintain the integrity of digital evidence throughout the entire forensic process.
  • This includes implementing robust access controls, encryption, and secure storage solutions to safeguard against unauthorized access and tampering.

Compliance issues

  • By adhering to industry best practices and standards, SalvationDATA ensures that clients’ labs are fully compliant with relevant regulations.
  • This is critical for maintaining credibility and ensuring the admissibility of digital evidence in court.

Take full care of the lack of expertise & experience from our clients

With a team of experienced professionals and seasoned lab construction capability with remarkable cases worldwide, we’re hence capable of ensuring a successful solution outcome and providing ongoing training and support to help clients maintain a high level of proficiency in their lab operations.

This includes access to a wealth of knowledge resources, webinars, and workshops, to name a few.

Real-world Examples and Success Stories

We have extensive laboratory construction experience and most of them have been widely recognized and well-received in the judicial, financial, and IT industries’ successful construction.

By providing customers with comprehensive digital forensics services, including forensics equipment, software, personnel training, and business process construction, our forensics lab solution helps customers perform digital forensics work efficiently and accurately. Moreover, by maintaining close cooperation with major forensics equipment manufacturers, we also ensure that our solution is compatible with various forensics software manufacturers, meeting different customer needs.

We have also continuously innovated and optimized forensics technology and business processes to ensure that our digital forensics lab solution remains at the forefront.

Due to our professional expertise and rich construction experience, our lab solution has not only gained a good reputation but also received widespread recognition. As a result, many industry clients have endorsed our brand, providing more opportunities for more professional organizations to begin using our solution.

SalvationDATA’s digital forensic lab solutions have been successfully implemented in a variety of organizations, including law enforcement agencies, government institutions, and private corporations. Some notable examples include:

Uganda Revenue Authority Tax Investigations Department – Data Recovery Lab

With over two decades of experience in data recovery and a globally recognized leading expertise, SalvationDATA has built a strong reputation within the digital forensics community.

The Uganda Revenue Authority Tax Investigations Department had been aware of SalvationDATA’s capabilities for several years, especially regarding data recovery proficiency.

As they were in need of a data recovery lab, due to cyber threats and internal security concerns, they turned to SalvationDATA to fulfill their project requirements.

Data Recovery Lab Solution

Initially, they began by testing our flagship product, DRS (Data Recovery System), to address their data recovery needs. During this process, they learned that the full version of the software required hardware modules to access additional practical features such as firmware-level recovery and disk imaging.

To maximize the capabilities of the DRS product, they needed a comprehensive software and hardware solution.

Based on their specific data recovery requirements and considering their project budget and space constraints, we proposed the Intelligent Forensic Workstation – NAVIGATOR LH-DP990 lab construction plan.

This workstation supports the DRS module and allows for simultaneous investigation tasks on up to eight hard drives, providing an efficient and comprehensive solution for data recovery and digital forensics work. Furthermore, the workstation is scalable, allowing them to expand their software capabilities in the future with additional forensic tools such as video forensics (by deploying SalvationDATA’s VIP 2.0 software) and database forensics (by deploying SalvationDATA’s DBF software).

lab 0

Milestones in their Digital Forensics Work

With SalvationDATA’s assistance, the Uganda Revenue Authority Tax Investigations Department gained access to a modern, one-stop digital forensics solution and established a small-scale digital forensics lab in Africa.

As a result, with this state-of-the-art facility that dramatically improved their evidence processing capabilities, leading to a higher case clearance rate and more successful prosecutions, their law enforcement capabilities significantly surpassed those of many other African countries, positioning them as a digital forensic leader in the region.

Indonesia Police Academy – Digital Forensic Lab

Few years ago, the Indonesia Police Academy had already been introduced to and tested SalvationDATA’s software solutions. As a result, they developed trust in our technical capabilities.

In 2019, the Indonesia Police Academy needed to establish a dedicated digital forensic lab to support its growing caseload. In this case, their digital forensics agency expressed interest in collaborating with SalvationDATA to build a digital forensics lab for the Indonesia Police Academy and provided us with their specific requirements.

Once the design mock-ups were presented to them, they immediately approved the proposal and entrusted the project to us.

Fulfill their comprehensive requirements to achieve an ultimate lab solution

The Indonesia Police Academy sought a unified, sci-fi-style digital forensics lab solution that incorporated both hardware and software components while maintaining a distinct law enforcement aesthetic.

However, no such ready-made solutions were available in the market. Existing solutions were typically assembled by local digital forensics agencies, integrating various products from different forensic brands, resulting in a lack of uniformity in software, hardware, and visual design, which failed to meet the Indonesia Police Academy’s expectations.

Luckily, this is what SalvationDATA has been capable of.

With over 20 years of unified, sci-fi-style digital forensics lab construction experience, we’re confident in working on their project.

  • 2D sketch layouts Review
    • During the project, they provided the building layout for their demanded future lab to our designers, who then developed a preliminary floor plan based on the available space, functional area divisions, and the number of intended users.
    • Based on the 2D layout, the Indonesia Police Academy communicated their required hardware and software components to us.
  • 3D sketch layouts Review: We then created 3D renderings and a VR visual presentation for the proposed lab design. So that, they are capable of viewing all angles and details of the lab to evaluate if it’s one they are pursuing.
  • Lastly, we developed and provided tailored training programs based on our stand guideline and their specific requirements.



Being endorsed based on the outstanding lab construction result

The lab design was completed to the client’s satisfaction, and the Indonesia Police Academy was highly impressed with our integrated forensic workstation solution and the overall construction outcome.

They found that the cutting-edge digital forensics workstations significantly improved their operational efficiency, enabling their in-house security team to investigate incidents efficiently, identify vulnerabilities, and strengthen their overall security posture.

Subsequently, after 2019, our digital forensics labs received unanimous praise from other Indonesian government entities during their inspections, beyond the police academy itself.

This recognition led to SalvationDATA’s involvement in additional national projects within Indonesia.


SalvationDATA’s Integrated digital forensic lab solutions are transforming the way forensic professionals work.

By offering state-of-the-art technology, customizable solutions, expert guidance, and a focus on security and compliance, we empower organizations worldwide to conduct efficient and effective digital forensic investigations.

With our cutting-edge offerings and commitment to client success, SalvationDATA is undoubtedly a leader in the field of digital forensic lab solutions.