Everything about SalvationDATA: the Leading Provider of Digital Forensic Solutions



In today’s rapidly evolving digital era, the rise of cybercrimes has become an alarming concern. From data breaches to malicious cyber-attacks, individuals and organizations alike are facing threats on a scale previously unseen. Our reliance on digital platforms is increasing, which calls for the need for strong security protocols and the ability to look into these online crimes. The field of digital forensics is concerned with locating, evaluating, and presenting evidence derived from electronic devices. Its importance cannot be emphasized because it is essential to both understanding and preventing cybercrimes.

Within this crucial domain, SalvationDATA emerges as a beacon of expertise. Well-known for its cutting-edge, SalvationDATA equips professionals with the SalvationDATA tools they need to dive deep into the world of digital forensics, ensuring a safer and more secure digital landscape for all.

Why Choose SalvationDATA?


At salvationDATA, we combine experience with new ideas to make a name for ourselves in the complex world of digital forensics and data solutions. To help you trust and choose salvationDATA solutions, here are some strong reasons:

1. Deep-Rooted Expertise

With over two decades of rich industry experience, salvationDATA prides itself on its independent research and development capabilities. This foundation has positioned them at the forefront of the digital solutions sector.

2. Comprehensive Solutions Provider

Offering both software and hardware, salvationDATA is a one-stop shop for all kinds of solutions. They provide the following hardware: Intelligent Forensic Workstation, Forensic Workbench, Conference Table, Security Locker, among others. The dual approach confirms that every requirement, be it software or hardware, is met with precision.

3. Pioneering Core Technology

The different technologies that salvationDATA offers are what make it strong. From Data Recovery to Data Protection and Defect Media Extraction, they boast a plethora of core technologies. Their repertoire also covers areas like Video Analysis, Mobile Forensics, Cloud Data Extraction, and Big Data Aggregation Analysis. Such breadth and depth in technology make them a preferred choice for many. They are a favoured option for many due to their extensive and profound technological capabilities.

4. Recognition through Innovation

Not just a provider, salvationDATA is a creator. They’ve been honored with 489 National Patents, 3 international patents, 32 Confidential Security patents. Their excellence has been further recognized as they clinched the title of “National New Special Expertise Little Giant Firm”.

5. Unparalleled Service & Training

To make sure that its partners and clients are prepared to face the constantly changing problems of the digital world, salvationDATA excels in providing professional services and training modules in addition to their product line.

6. Trustworthy Partnerships

As a company with a long history of working with others, salvationDATA has built partnerships around the world that support their image and the trust that people in the industry have in them.

To sum up, selecting salvationDATA means selecting unmatched knowledge, creativity, and a dedication to quality.

Main Products of SalvationDATA


There are many tools and SalvationDATA solutions in the salvationDATA product suite that can be used to meet different digital forensics needs. In this section, we look at some of the main products and services, weighing their pros and cons and suggesting ways they could be better:

1.  VIP 2.0 (Video Investigation Portable 2.0)


  • Specifically designed to analyse videos, guaranteeing accurate and clear results.
  • Its portability improves its usefulness for field research.
  • Its intuitive design makes it usable by experts of all skill levels.


  • Might require specialized training for full utilization.
  • Depending on regular software changes to handle new video types.

2. SPF (Pro Smartphone Forensic Professional)


  • Full mobile data extraction, analysis, and reporting tool.
  • Compatibility with a vast range of smartphone devices and operating systems.
  • Swift and efficient data recovery capabilities.


  • Constant upgrades might be necessary due to the rapid improvements in mobile technology.
  • Possibilities for difficulties while handling encrypted devices.

3. DRS (Data Recovery System)


  • Robust system designed to handle various circumstances of data recovery.
  • Innovative recovery techniques combined with an intuitive user interface.
  • Flexibility when it comes to using various data storage types.


  • Might face challenges with deeply encrypted files.
  • Requires a learning curve for beginners.

4. DBF (Database Forensic Series)


  • Specially designed for extraction and deep database analysis.
  • Supports a variety of database architectures and formats.
  • High accuracy in the processing and retrieval of data.


  • It might not be appropriate for beginners who have never used a database.
  • Dependency on frequent upgrades for newly developed database technology.

5. DFL (Digital Forensic Lab)


  • A holistic solution offering an array of digital forensic tools.
  • One-stop solution provider : software & hardware manufacturer
  • Uses interconnected components to streamline the investigation process.
  • Improves the coordination between forensic teams.


  • Initial setup might be complex.
  • Demands periodic training to maximize its potential.

Essentially, even while every salvationDATA product has strengths catered to certain investigative requirements, regular updates and training are still necessary to properly utilise their potential.

FAQs about SalvationDATA

Question: What makes salvationDATA distinct in the field of digital forensics?

Answer: The two decades of experience and creative ideas that SalvationDATA has developed make it distinctive. Digital forensics quality, accuracy, and dependability are guaranteed by salvationDATA through a combination of in-house R&D, patented technologies, and an extensive product line.

Question: Are HD Doctor and Data Compass still available for sale?

Answer: No.The old generation products have not been maintained and sold years ago, please contact the sales for second generation product and price.

Question: Is there a newly released version of these tools?

Answer: The old generation products have not been maintained and sold years ago, please contact the sales for second generation product and price.

Question: Are salvationDATA products compatible with the newest formats and devices for digital media?

Answer: Of course! SalvationDATA is dedicated to remaining at the vanguard of technological advancements. To guarantee compatibility with the newest hardware, operating systems, and data formats, their products undergo routine upgrades.

Question:How can I get the activation code or apply for a free trial?

Answer: Click “Quote” or “Contact Us” on the website to request an activation code or free trial.

For further details, you may refer to the official FAQ page.


Tools and solutions that tackle the problems of cybercrimes become increasingly important as the digital world changes. SalvationDATA is a leader in this field, distinguished by its extensive experience and cutting-edge products. Their substantial background more than 20 years in the industry combined with their own independent research and development highlights their commitment to quality.

The VIP 2.0 is designed for video forensics, and the DRS system is good at data recovery. Their wide range of products shows how flexible they are and how committed they are to meeting all kinds of needs. The fact that they are always coming up with new ideas is shown even more by the large number of national and foreign titles they have.

But what really makes SalvationDATA stand out is how they combine cutting-edge SalvationDATA technology with design that is focused on the user. That’s because their SalvationDATA tools are both powerful and easy to use, so workers of all skill levels can make the most of their abilities.

Their professional training courses and global relationships also show that they are more than just a solution provider they are a group of people working together to make the field of digital forensics better.

In sum, SalvationDATA represents a confluence of expertise, innovation, and dedication, making it an unmatched name in the realm of digital solutions.