Why Is Digital Forensic Lab So Important?


In recent times, crime is on a continuous uptrend, and turning a blind eye to these alarming findings is no longer an option. To stand a chance, it’s imperative to stay two steps ahead, and having the latest cutting-edge equipment like Digital Forensic Lab is the only way to tip the scale.

There is a reason why every farseeing law enforcement agency is faced with a constant need to upgrade their equipment – to solve complex cases with a high degree of accuracy without losing precious time on various technicalities such as software incompatibility.

Outdated Forensics Equipment Costs You Money in Hidden Ways

In fact, not upgrading your digital forensics equipment can even cost you money in hidden ways. Outdated solutions can be needlessly complex and demanding to use, so imagine how expensive it can get to train employees on how to use them properly, not to mention the time delays they can introduce. Over time, the costs associated with training can reach unprecedented heights.

Today, we will take a look at what the latest crime-related statistics suggest, run over the challenges of digital forensic investigations, examine what answers are available, and explain the reasons why Digital Forensic Lab from SalvationDATA is the market-leading forensic lab solution.

What Do the Statistics Say?

As the world is embracing novel concepts like using cryptocurrencies to pay for goods and services and operating inside a digital 3D metaverse world, criminals are taking notice. Indeed, the digital space is full of threats and pitfalls, and the numbers don’t lie.

Did you know that:

1. There were over 500 million attempted ransomware attacks in 2021? (source: Msspalert)

Ransomware is a type of computer virus that encrypts the files on the victim’s computer and demands a ransom in return for the decryption key. The problem is, you’re not guaranteed to receive the key even if you pay up, so your files may be lost forever.

2. Crypto scammers stole a whopping $14bn in 2021? (source: CNBC)

By hacking crypto wallets, exchange platforms, or otherwise tricking unsuspecting victims into sending over their crypto funds, hackers can net a small fortune. Worse yet, since cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible by design, these funds are next to impossible to recover.

3. Each year, 15 million American citizens experience some form of identity theft? (source: Fortunly)

If criminals manage to get their hands on your personal information, they can impersonate you to gain unauthorized access to one of your accounts and do other stuff in your name. Whether harvested through hacking or the art of social engineering, an impersonator can put a black mark on your good name.

4. Through 2020, in every 4200 emails on average was sent as part of a phishing campaign. (source: Tessian)

Phishing is the art of impersonating a legitimate-looking website that is, in reality, designed to harvest the victim’s login credentials. The hackers often resort to using a voice of authority by pretending to be your administrator or supervisor and cite some form of urgency to trick you into entering your sensitive information.

5. You can buy a stolen credit card number on the dark web for as little as $9? (source: Techjury)

Dark web marketplaces are a place where criminals buy and sell sensitive stolen information such as document scans, stolen credit card numbers, login credentials, and more. Later on, these can be used as part of large-scale crime.

These worrisome facts and statistics need no further explanation and are very much relevant to how digital forensics cases should be approached. Worse yet, they are on an upwards trend and increasing in severity. All of this begs the vital question: how do we go about the digital forensics in the modern era to fully utilize the capacity of modern technology and improve the effectiveness and accuracy of our investigative work?

Crime Never Sleeps

As you can see, crime never sleeps and is an unfortunate part of our day-to-day existence. But thanks to digital forensics, it’s possible to unmask criminals by analyzing digital footage and uncovering valuable clues that point to their whereabouts and identity. In fact, surveillance videos, mobile phones, computers, databases, etc., all contain a wealth of vital information that can be of great use when attempting to solve a case.

However, since there is so much data stored on the myriad of smart devices that people use on a daily basis, it’s next to impossible to process it one by one without introducing significant delays to the investigation. Hence, utilizing smart automation offered by digital forensic solutions is the only way to stay on top of things, with the help of modern digital forensic equipment that wields the power of AI, taking on big data like this is no longer an insurmountable challenge.

– Hit and run crimes


Many times, would-be criminals do not realize they are being recorded by CCTV cameras and other means.In video forensics, by analyzing the recorded footage, it’s possible to obtain a license plate number and trace the owner and even determine someone’s identity by analyzing their facial structure and running it against the database.

– Sex offenses

Possessing or even downloading adult movies involving minors is a punishable offense. If the local authorities suspect someone has committed this type of crime, they will attempt to unmask the real identity of the culprit by tracking down their IP address. If successful, a home raid may follow to secure the evidence of the crime.

– Threats, stalking and harassment


Those who make threats, stalk, or harass others through digital means will often attempt to hide their tracks by masking their IP and deleting any incriminating evidence on their device. But unless they know how to shred these files, a skilled digital forensic investigator can recover the data from their hard drive.

The Difficulties When Facing Crimes

The world of digital forensics is never without challenges. At some point, even the most skilled forensic analyst may experience the following obstacles at work:

– Irrecoverable files

Make the wrong move, and the file under investigation can become corrupt or irrecoverable, potentially jeopardizing the entire investigation.

– Inefficiency

The lack of knowledge and/or equipment necessary to tackle the task at hand can introduce inefficiency and time delays (due to software incompatibility, lack of experience/training, etc.)

– Anti-forensic measures

Criminals are getting smarter. As such, they want to prevent access to their files in case they know they contain incriminating evidence. One of such anti-forensic measures is using encryption. A digital forensic analyst may need to either decrypt it or find a way around it.

– Legality

There is an ongoing challenge of processing evidence without infringing on other people’s rights and privacy. The goal is to make it admissible in court.

– Complexity

To solve a crime, experience and expensive equipment is needed. Otherwise, the quality of the investigation may be jeopardized.

How Do We Combat the Rise of Crime?

A forensic investigation requires patience and discipline. But above all else, we need the right equipment to stand a chance against crime. When trying to solve a case, time is of the essence, and one simply cannot afford to waste it on old and outdated equipment and software that no longer serves its purpose.

  • The only way to stay ahead of the criminals is to make the necessary upgrades – an investigator’s digital forensics equipment must be in tip top condition and in line with the latest industry standards. This introduces credibility to the investigation and makes cases simpler to solve.
  • PCs and smart devices contain much data that can be used as incriminating evidence, and complex cases often require extracting this evidence from the hard drive without corrupting the files or making them irrecoverable. Even if a criminal tries to delete, override, or encrypt the files to hide incriminating evidence, a skilled digital forensic analyst can extract it – provided they have the right knowledge and equipment.
  • The beauty of the information age we live in is the swift development it brings to the advancement of technology, and the same can be said for digital forensics. Where in the past, much of digital forensic work had to be done manually, the modern digital forensic lab naturally integrates smart automation and big data processing in its workflow, making it an essential part of any reputable law enforcement agency.

In other words, our digital forensics arsenal must be so widely encompassing, time-efficient and accurate as to deter would-be criminals from committing a foul deed in the first place. It must utilize a combination of a wide range of hardware and software capacities, all fully capable of processing several kinds of digital evidence, including:

– Images

– Videos

– Databases

– Audio

– Other types of data

To keep complexity to a minimum and avoid software incompatibilities that introduce unnecessary delays, it is vital to keep the functionality under the same umbrella.

One-stop solutions like Digital Forensic Lab from SalvationDATA are what makes it possible to tap into the latest technological breakthroughs and innovations and harness their power in the name of good and to keep crime at bay.

The Power of One-stop Digital Forensic Lab Solutions

In the complex and demanding field of digital forensics, one-stop solutions like Digital Forensic Lab from SalvationDATA are the way to go as they will give you far better results than resorting to using a combination of different software.

Digital Forensic Lab

These are the benefits and advantages you will get with a one-stop digital forensic lab:

– Time efficiency

– Reduced labor costs

– Avoiding software incompatibility

– Dedicated IT support and training from the developer

– Case management / status updates under one umbrella

– The ability to connect the dots and solve more cases

– Analyze missive digital evidence with big data & AI

– Generate detailed reports with one click

– Optimized workflow

– No more separate processing with various different forensic solutions

– Organized workplace

– Systemized data processing

– Professional credibility and better public impression

– Cross-data visualization

– Spotless data recovery & extraction

– Cloud support

– Third-party forensic tool integration

– Digital evidence consolidation

– Integrated hardware

Time and money savings

Compared to conventional methods, the differences are enormous. The greatest one of all is the time and money savings a one-shop forensic solution will bring. With it, you will be able to solve complex cases faster and with a greater deal of accuracy, all without having to resort to third-party software (although with Digital Forensic Lab, you certainly have the ability to do so if needed).

Focus on solving crime rather than technicalities

Due to its user-friendly interface and intuitive nature, you will be able to spend less time and money on training employees on how to use it, allowing them to focus their effort on solving cases rather than learning the ropes. Never again will you have to worry about software incompatibilities, and if you get stuck along the way, a dedicated IT support team is only a call away.

Harness the power of AI

Digital Forensic Lab grants you a comprehensive view under one umbrella, enabling you to systematically connect the dots and draw conclusions by tying together multiple pieces of the puzzle. In the background, complex big data crunching AI-powered algorithms are running 24/7, deducing facts and alerting you of important details you might have otherwise missed.

Do the work that matters

When the work is done, you can generate detailed court-admissible reports with a single click, so you can spend your valuable time doing meaningful investigative work that, unlike bureaucratic procedures, actually contributes to society. Plus, with a professional solution like Digital Forensic Lab, you can count on credibility and a favorable impression in the professional circles as well as the public eye.

Overcome the Challenges in Digital Forensics with Digital Forensic Lab

How does Digital Forensic Lab help you solve the problems you may encounter in your professional work?

In the field of forensics, the wrong approach can lead to damaged or irrecoverable files, which is one of the most important things to avoid as it can potentially jeopardize the entire investigation. With Digital Forensic Lab, you essentially let AI take care of any IT technicalities and let it automate run-of-the-mill forensic and data analysis procedures while enabling you to focus on your investigative work.

Once ready, all the clues will be presented on the main screen and you will get to make decisions on a macro rather than a micro level, thus saving you time and giving you the capacity to solve complex cases like clockwork.

Why has Digital Forensic Lab earned the trust of reputable law enforcement agencies?

With over 20+ years in digital forensics, SalvationDATA have established themselves as leading industry experts, serving several high-profile customers with high expectations and demanding criteria. The dedicated team is devoted to closely monitoring the state-of-the-art of forensic technology and making constant improvements by pairing the latest industry innovations with powerful IT concepts.

The result is a market-leading product that any reputable law enforcement agency can rely on to tackle the hardest and most complex cases without setbacks and fear.

What is the core concept of its design?

Digital Forensic Lab is a set of digital forensic tools that utilizes the full capacity of AI and big data technology that gives you everything you need to solve a case under one umbrella. Through its efficient management system, you will no longer need to resort to using several separate pieces of software and hardware equipment, making it a convenient one-stop solution that covers everything you need to crack a case.

Since it comes with essential hardware for your crime-fighting needs, you will be able to deploy your entire forensic lab in only a few steps.

What do the customers gain?

As a law enforcement agency, you face constant scrutiny and pressure to perform at all times. In other words, the public perception of your work can either make or break you, and the evidence presented needs to be admissible in court.

With digital Forensic Lab, you will solve more cases with razor-sharp accuracy without wasting time on technicalities and obstacles like software incompatibility or damaging important pieces of evidence.

Given all the benefits discussed above, it’s truly a one-stop solution no digital forensics department can afford to go without.


As an enforcer of the law, it’s your duty and responsibility to use every legal means at your disposal to make a stand against crime.

Working with a Digital Forensic Lab that is designed to endure the most stressful and demanding aspects of forensic investigations, will not only save you time and allow you to process the evidence in the most efficient manner, but increase the rate of solved criminal cases and bring more public credibility, which will certainly boost your investigation career for you and your law enforcement department !