[Software Update] Mobile Forensics: SPF Pro V6.120.2111.1013 New Release!

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The latest update of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System) is released now!

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SPF Pro V6.120.2111.1013 Upgrade instructions

1. Added OPPO direct extraction solution, support Android 9 and above OPPO phones, except some special models

Added OPPO direct extraction solution - SPF V6.120.2111.1013

2. Optimized the display effect of WeChat moments and public accounts

3. Added pop-up when the Android device backup space is insufficient

4. Supported Android devices custom “file extraction” scan range in settings

Supported Android devices custom file extraction scan range in settings - SPF V6.120.2111.1013

5. Added the download address of “Mobile Forensics Report Assistant” in HTML report

Added the download address of Mobile Forensics Report Assistant in HTML report V6.120.2111.1013

6. Prevent PC from sleep during program operation

7. Plug-in update:

  • iOS: LINE, Rocket Chat, Soul, TikTok, Chrome, DingTalk, Safari, Taobao
  • Android: Potato, TikTok, Rocket Chat, Toutiao, Via, Firefox, JD, Alipay


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