[Software Update] VIP 2.0 (Video Investigation Portable) New Released now!

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The latest update of VIP 2.0 (Video Investigation Portable) is released now!

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V21.8.6.2113 Version upgrade instructions:

1. Added Walsh, Ezviz, xinhanshi, keshian and huiershi file system


2. Optimized NVR analysis of glass particle, Zhiteng and Yushi technology

3. Optimized the saving method of video files, and store the saved video files and corresponding verification files respectively

4. Optimized the filtering of video retrieval objects and cancel the upper limit of displaying up to 99 retrieval results

5. Optimized the scan result list and support inverse selection

6. Optimized disk imaging

7. Optimized batch transcoding tools and increase the upper limit of simultaneous transcoding

8. Supported closing the video service after closing the program

9. Supported the selection of mapped network disk path

10. Optimized search tools

11. Compatible with 2k and 4K resolution display

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