WDS(World Defense Show) 2022, Workstation Genius 01 from SalvationDATA Shows Off


March 6th – 9th, 2022, in Saudi Arabia, during  WDS (World Defense Show), our partner Technology Track showed off one of the workstations Genius 01 of the leading digital forensic lab solution from SalvationDATA.

It’s attracting more and more law enforcement agencies, intelligence agencies, and government special sectors from all over the world to start employing or upgrading their equipments for Digital Forensics Investigation, just in case being left behind by the increasing crimes and higher required public reputation!

Workstation Genius 01

WDS(World Defense Show) was established by Saudi Arabia’s General Authority for Military Industries, focusing on a full range of advanced defense events set to showcase the most leading worldwide inventions and achievements and demonstrate defense interoperability across all domains.

It serves government organizations among the scenarios from Land, Air, Sea to Security, and Space. Therefore, lots of selected and advanced technology and equipment would show off during the show to better serve decision-makers for the governments.

Digital Forensics Workstation GS 01 Shows Off

During the show, our partner Technology Track exhibited one of the workstations of our digital forensic lab, Intelligent Forensic Workbench Genius Series 01, (GS 01).

Intelligent Forensic Workbench Genius Series 01, (GS 01)

Dedicated Design Trusted by Worldwide Law Enforcement Agencies

In order to perfectly fit the modern working circumstance and scientific workflow for digital forensics investigations,  this solid and line streamed tech-oriented type of equipment is designed specifically to be compatible with various forensic software and related hardware.

In fact, GS 01 has been widely employed together with various digital forensic lab solutions along with other types of equipment across numerous governments and organizations all over the world.

The National Information Center - Ministry of Interior - Saudi ArabiaThe National Information Center – Ministry of Interior – Saudi Arabia

Eygpt Education Center copyEygpt Education Center 


Royal Thai Police LabRoyal Thai Police Digital Forensic Lab

Some of them are including Abu Dhabi Police, Indonesia National Police, Ministry Of Interior State Of Qatar, National Police Agency (South Korea), Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Royal Thai police, to name a few.

Customers Testimonials Logo from SalvationDATA

Major Feature of GS 01

To give you basic thoughts concerning GS 01, the below key features could simply demonstrate its structure.

Genius-01---Front - Low Resolution GS 01 Back Appearance - Low Resolution

1. High Stability & Durability

  • The monolithic metal main structure
  • Static-free surface treatment
  • In-lab & practical verification for thousand times

2. User-Friendly

  • Simplified streamline design
  • Sectorization for computer, interfaces, monitors, power supply, digital display, and the accessory organizer
  • Ultra-wide desktop and spacious under space

3. Comprehensive

  • USB interfaces
  • Power Management
  • Wireless Charger
  • Volume Control
  • Working status digital display

4. Customization

  • Expandable and renewable computer tower configuration.
  • Selectable Led light color
  • Customizable Logo design

Final Thoughts

The outstanding result has been turning out along with the very recent years when Digital Forensic Lab Solution was launched by SalvationDATA, furthermore, it has been affecting the digital forensics investigation world deeply, thanks to its impressive functionalities and leading technologies.

During the World Defense Show 2022, with a live demonstration to showcase its actual capacity, more and more governments have determined to put these solutions into practice to enhance their reputation and case cracking ability!

Equipped by the leading discovered best-in-class security solutions and services to address terrorist threats and all other aspects of homeland security, has been all of the government’s concerns. Meanwhile, SalvationDATA is always ready to serve those governments organizations who do concerned about their people!

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