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[Software Update] Mobile Forensics: SPF Pro V6.115.2 New Released now!

SPF PRO V6.115.2

The latest update of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System) is released now!

Download or Contact us to apply for a Free Trial Now!

V6.115.2 Version upgrade instructions:

1. Added OPPO dual APPs data extraction, allow manually setup WIFI

2. Optimized the scheme of copying media files for Android phones to improve the process speed of forensics

3. Added the maintenance entry of "material information" during the process of extraction

4. Optimized automatic extraction of Huawei mobile phone, supporting backup parsing to the latest version (

5. Supported HarmonyOS data backup and parsing

6. Updated some plug-ins

Android: UC Browser, Quark; iOS: AKeyChat, Quark

7. Added APPs search

8. Added plug-in online upgrade function

9. Bug fixed

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