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How To Set Up A Cutting-Edge Digital Forensics Lab for Law Enforcement ?

Throughout the history of digital forensics, its development is highly interconnected with technology innovation. Along with the technology innovation, in the current digital society, we’ve already been in an environment that immeasurable digital data can be generated in a flash via numerous digital ways including phones, computers, videos, etc. Plus, it’s still developing and probably turns out with unprecedented digital outcomes.

Without marvelous processing capacity, we’ll be incapable of reliably dealing with the existing or future digital data.

 digital evidence management solution for law  enforcement

What’s the status of digital forensics in law enforcement?

When it comes to digital crime, advanced digital forensics capacity has become much more important than ever before nowadays, especially, for law enforcement.

Digital data stands for Digital Evidence on this level.

Cyber-Crime is a growing problem, but the ability of Indiana law enforcement agencies to investigate and successfully prosecute criminals for these crimes is unclear”, quoted from “Digital Forensics in Law Enforcement: A Needs Based Analysis of Indiana Agencies” in Journal of Digital Forensics, Security and Law: Vol. 11: No. 1, Article 4.

Obviously, due to technological progress and the borderless nature of the interconnected world, lots of crimes are developing into digital crimes. Whereas, we’re not really ready for effectively investigating such cases. 

The rising digital crime threats and attacks evolves like never before. We’re in urgent need of getting ready to accessibly and effectively deal with the digital crime.

Therefore, a trusted digital forensics lab to support the whole digital forensics has never been more important.

What is Digital Forensics Lab?

Just like soldiers requires equipment, investigators for digital evidence surely requires their “equipment”as well.

And, that’s what we called, Digital Lab .

Digital Lab From Salvationdata

A digital forensics lab refers to a designated location or facility for investigators to identify, seize, acquire and analyze all electronic devices related to all cyber-enabled offenses reported to collect digital evidence which is presented in a court of law for prosecution purposes.

In a digital forensics lab, the certified forensic examiner fixes, extracts and analyzes the data stored in the smartphones, DVRs, HDD, SSD, Flash cards, SD cards, sim cards, UAVs, Car-Recorders, Imaging files, and other types of digital data collected from the crime scene or suspects.

Now we are living in the digital world no doubt, digital forensics laboratory plays an inevitable role in helping the investigators or examiners to gather all the available electronic data then figure out the key clue, and finally present evidence to the court.

Digital forensic experts are obliged to continuously learn and develop their expertise, especially in the context of the emergence of smart cities/homes, connected cars, drones, mobile networks, and cloud platforms.

Digital Lab From Salvationdata

What is needed for a digital forensics lab for digital forensics analysis?

- Softwares & Hardwares

Due to numerous processes and techniques are required to set up an advanced digital forensic laboratory, an overall understanding of the hardware & software is essential.

With over 20 years of expertise, SalvationDATA has widely been known as the One-Stop digital forensics solution provider in the world.

With multiple digital forensic solutions including mobiles, videos, computers, and database integrated into the most leading digital forensics laboratories solution, such intelligent digital forensic software effectively cooperates with the fantastic hardware designed by SalvationDATA, which ends up with the most advanced, reliable, and awesome digital forensics laboratories all over the world.

 - Structure & Security

Since the digital forensics lab plays a significant role in our justice system and key research endeavors, the equipment included in the lab is critical.

The most common instruments in forensic laboratories are microscopes, spectrometers, chromatographs, and fume hoods.

Also, when establishing a digital forensics laboratory, several standards are of great significance, such as risk management (ISO 31000), environmental management system (ISO 14000), information security management (ISO 27000), occupational health, and safety (OHSAS) 18000) and so on.

- Tips

The digital forensics lab must be able to use forensic equipment to produce correct forensic results. The device can be in the form of hardware, software, open-source or commercial tools. Before use, the equipment must be tested and verified to ensure that it can produce correct results.

- SalvationDATA Digital Forensic Laboratories

According to the actual process of our customers’ forensics work, we divide the laboratory area into:

  • Reception area
  • Data fix area
  • Data recovery area
  • Smart devices forensics area
  • Video forensics area
  • Data analysis
  • Storage area
  • Reporting area meeting area

Digital Lab From Salvationdata - Section View

Besides, the following table lists out all the equipments along with SalavationDATA digital forensics laboratories.

1.Data Recovery: DRS (Data Recovery System) is the next-generation intelligent all-in-one forensic data recovery tool that can help you acquire and recover data from both good and damaged storage media like HDD simply and easily.

2. Mobile Forensics: SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) is a forensically sound system for extracting, recovering, analyzing, and triage data from mobile devices such as Android phones, tablets, iPhone & iPad.

3. Video Forensics: Video Investigation Portable 2.0 is the most effective extraction and recovery software that can get access to the normal or even non-functioning DVR surveillance systems without the password, also help the investigators to search and retrieve video evidence from live CCTV surveillance system efficiently.

4. Database Forensics: Aims to resolve the problems about the deleted & damaged database files, damaged file system, restriction of application system accessibility, Database Forensic Analysis System helps Investigators conduct the previewing, recovery, extraction, reorganization, analysis, exporting operations to the database files involved in the cases independently without the assistance from the specialists or pre-configurate.

By providing a full range of digital forensics lab solutions along with corresponding digital forensic tools, SalvationDATA helps investigators conduct various forensics analyses effectively.

Furthermore, Involved in furniture design, proprietary workspace, acoustics, and electricity control, as well as security, SalvationDATA has brought the patented technology and unique designs from digital forensics to whatever fields that require advanced laboratories solutions!

SalvationDATA provides a common framework for establishing and managing a digital forensics laboratory that can be used anywhere in the world. It is also expected to help close the gaps in digital forensics practices and capabilities among countries. To create momentum for the field of digital forensics and make it a very solid and important field of police affairs and law enforcement, SalvationDATA will play an innovative spirit in the activities of digital forensics laboratories and contribute to overcoming complex global security challenges.

  • [Software Update] VIP 2.0 (Video Investigation Portable) New Released now!

    The latest update of VIP 2.0 (Video Investigation Portable) is released now!

    Download or apply for a Free Trial Now!

    V21.8.6.2113 Version upgrade instructions:

    1.Added Walsh, Ezviz, xinhanshi, keshian and huiershi file system

    2. Optimized NVR analysis of glass particle, Zhiteng and Yushi technology

    3. Optimized the saving method of video files, and store the saved video files and corresponding verification files respectively

    4. Optimized the filtering of video retrieval objects and cancel the upper limit of displaying up to 99 retrieval results

    5. Optimized the scan result list and support inverse selection

    6. Optimized disk imaging

    7. Optimized batch transcoding tools and increase the upper limit of simultaneous transcoding

    8. Supported closing the video service after closing the program

    9. Supported the selection of mapped network disk path

    10. Optimized search tools

    11. Compatible with 2k and 4K resolution display

  • [Software Update] Mobile Forensics: SPF Pro V6.115.2 New Released now!

    SPF PRO V6.115.2

    The latest update of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System) is released now!

    Download or Contact us to apply for a Free Trial Now!

    V6.115.2 Version upgrade instructions:

    1. Added OPPO dual APPs data extraction, allow manually setup WIFI

    2. Optimized the scheme of copying media files for Android phones to improve the process speed of forensics

    3. Added the maintenance entry of “material information” during the process of extraction

    4. Optimized automatic extraction of Huawei mobile phone, supporting backup parsing to the latest version (

    5. Supported HarmonyOS data backup and parsing

    6. Updated some plug-ins

    Android: UC Browser, Quark; iOS: AKeyChat, Quark

    7. Added APPs search

    8. Added plug-in online upgrade function

    9. Bug fixed

  • HUAWEI Harmony OS – Firstly Supported by SPF Pro!

    Recently, Huawei announced that they plan to officially launch the long-awaited Harmony OS on June 2nd, by holding a product launch event.

    Before then, the operating system, which has only been used in products such as smart screens and wearable devices.

    Soon after the event, it’s expected to be used in more product categories including cellphones.

    Besides, they also released a video of the startup of the Harmony mobile OS on Weibo on May 27th.

    HUAWEI Harmony OS

    Due to chasing the most cutting-edge tech on mobile forensics, we made every efforts to obtain the qualification of the internal test long before so that we made great progress in advance for the upgrade of SPF Pro.

    SalvationDATA began to pay close attention to HarmonyOS at the very beginning of its emergence. Until now, we have obtained a preliminary technical breakthrough and we’re proud to say we’re capable of data extraction from devices that run HarmonyOS!

    After integrating the technology into Smartphone Forensics System(SPF Pro), it’ll officially meet with you guys in the next updated version (the new version is expected to be released on June 5th).

    SPF Pro is able to support the extraction and forensics investigation of normal data and deleted data of mobile phones equipped with HarmonyOS, including data of mobile phones themselves and data of third-party applications.

    The existing commonly used third-party applications are also supported, including but not limited to: QQ, WeChat, Yidui, Momo, Sina Weibo, QQ mailbox, Lianxin, Tantan, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and other mainstream apps.

    Customers who want to be the first to experience HarmonyOS smartphone forensics could download the next version of SPF Pro from our official website after the release on June 5.

  • [Software Update] Database Forensics: DBF 6300 V21.5.28.170 New Released now!

    The latest update of DBF 6300 (Database Forensic Analysis System) is released now!

    Download or Contact us to apply for a Free Trial Now!

    V6.113 Version upgrade instructions:

    1. Added online database for Oracle, PostgreSQL, support data parsing, analyzing and exporting

    2. Added file mode for CSV parsing, support CSV document parsing, analyzing, and exporting

    3. New online database collection tool, support MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL database online collection

    4. Rebuilt hierarchical analysis, added relationship chain marking, filtering deleted data, and improve the processing capacity of million-level hierarchical analysis

    5. Added functions of identification and conversion of special data for data statistical analysis (PRC Resident ID card, currency rate, etc.) and real-time editing of map data

    6. Added advanced query for filtering deleted data

    7. Bug fixed

  • [Software Update] Mobile Forensics: SPF Pro V6.113 New Released now!

    The latest update of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) is released now!

    Download or Contact us to apply for a Free Trial Now!

    V6.113 Version upgrade instructions:

    1. Optimized the automatic extraction of Huawei. Improved the backup speed, support to the latest HiSuite version backup analysis.

    2. Optimized the OPPO automatic extraction and backup tool. Improved the backup speed, allow users to try to continue the backup in the event of a backup failure, and improved stability.

    3. Optimized the automatic extraction of vivo. Solved the problem that some mobile phones cannot extract data from some third-party apps.

    4. Added “default iTunes backup password” setting, no need to manually enter when extracting.

    Salvationdata Mobile Forensics interface

    5. Added “Calculate MD5 value of file when extracting file” setting, support export to report.

    Salvationdata Mobile Forensics interface

    6. Optimized the analysis of iOS WeChat. Added group nickname, group joining method, and WeChat favorites data analysis.

    7. Upgraded the “photo/screenshot” function. Support to save screenshots and photos to a custom node, and synchronize to the extraction results.

    8. Updated some plugins:

    Android: Skype(Intl), Line, ArticleNews, KakaoTalk, NinthChat, OperaBrowser, OutlookMail, Snapchat, Whatsapp, XiaoMiBrowser

    iOS: Momo

  • [Software Update] DRS (Data Recovery System) V17. — Major improvements on flexibility & usability that makes your investigations easier and more efficient!

    As an integrated digital forensics & forensic data recovery solution provider, would never stop satisfying clients by keeping updated its software. Here we are excited to announce that newest version of DRS (Data Recovery System) is releasing today!

    Let’s have a look what new features have been added to this all-in-one forensic data recovery tool:

    1. Physical diagnostics is now available for all drives attached to the DRS hardware unit and your PC. Quick Diagnostics, Scan Bad Sector and Sector View are all accessible for drives plugged to the hardware unit or not.

    DRS Forensic data recovery

    2. New file system support: CDFS, UDF, F2FS are now supported for analysis (CDFS & UDF not supported for Pattern Scan).

    Image 2

    3. New image format support: VHD, VHDX.

    DRS Forensic data recovery

    4. New search options: folder name search and time search. Allow users to search for folders with certain keywords or specify a certain time period to narrow down their search.

    DRS Forensic data recovery

    5. New feature in Disk Imaging: large disk image to small disk.

    6. New feature in Hash Calculator: Hash calculation for physical drives.

    DRS Forensic data recovery

    7. New feature in imaging report: authentication of forensic image.

    DRS Forensic data recovery

    8. Multiple bugs fixed.

    Click HERE to learn more about DRS.

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