How to extract data from Telegram?

Work Tips


Telegram, often abbreviated as TG, is a cross-platform instant messaging software. The client is open-source, while the server is proprietary. Users can exchange encrypted, self-destructing messages (similar to “burn after reading”), and share various files, including photos and videos. With high security, it boasts 600 million monthly active users, primarily international. Additionally, Telegram offers fast transmission speeds and accommodates large file sizes efficiently. In addition to its robust end-to-end encryption, Telegram boasts several compelling features. Notably, its group chat functionality accommodates up to 200,000 members and allows integration of small programs. Virtual identities enhance privacy within group chats. Furthermore, chat records are securely stored in the Telegram cloud, benefiting from end-to-end encryption for heightened security. Therefore, Telegram is very critical in terms of information security, and extracting data from Telegram for network forensics is also very important.

The Whole Case

One day in 2023, the Los Angeles Police received a tip-off regarding criminals using Telegram for drug transactions in a fruit van.The police obtained some clues about the transaction. Acting on the information, the police gathered clues about the ongoing transaction. Mobilizing swiftly, the police intercepted the criminals during the transaction, leading to their capture. Finally, the police used SPF Pro developed by SalvationDATA to extract data from Telegram to fix the criminal facts and sentence the criminals.

Case Study

How to perform data extraction through SPF Pro, the specific steps are as follows:

Step 1. Open the “SPF Pro” and “Create a case”.


Step 2. Fill in “Case Information”.


Step 3. Connect the mobile phone to SPF Pro;


Step 4. Click on “Cloud Data Extraction” and select Telegram; For login verification, you can choose “QR code login” or “Verification code login”, and finally extract data from Telegram.



Extract data from smartphone is increasingly challenging due to encryption and lack of local storage for some app data. “Cloud data extraction” is an effective method to retrieve data stored in cloud services like Huawei, Xiaomi, and iCloud. Cloud storage activation on smartphones leads to automatic backups, making cloud data forensics crucial for investigations. SPF Pro offers comprehensive tools including mobile unlocking, mirroring, data recovery, and cloud data extraction.