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What is DVR and How DVR Recorders Work in Video Forensics?

Dive into the world of DVR recorders. Understand what is DVR, its functionalities, and its significance in video forensics.

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The Power of Motion Detection in Video Investigation

VIP 2.0’s motion detection function is a powerful function for video investigation that can save investigators time and help ensure that video evidence is admissible in court.

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6 Crucial Tips to Effectively Conduct Forensic Video Investigation

These 6 crucial tips boost nearly every outcome of your investigative cases in forensic video investigation!

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8 Steps To Present Video Evidence in Court

By following the exact steps outlined above, you should be equipped with the knowledge necessary on how to present video evidence in court.

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The Dos and Dont’s for Making Video Evidence Admissible in Court

Preserving the integrity of video evidence in court is integral to your victory and you must give criminals no breathing room and bring them to justice!

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