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SalvationDATA provides the new generation data recovery tools and hdd repair tools which are used both for data loss prevention-DLP and high success rate data recovery-DR. With its core and innovative data recovery technologies, SalvationDATA tools solve media defects and malfunction which other traditional data recovery tools or data recovery software cannot do: dead or damaged hard drives and flash drives, a lot of bad sectors causing very slow PC running or data loss, clicking noises, wrongly detected drives, etc.

A good data recovery tool or hdd repair tool should be firstly secure itself which use green and backdoor-free technologies with writing blocking

features build-in and the tool protects the patient drive instead of any possibility of further damage. Data loss prevention concept is always penetrated into the whole process of designing and manufacturing SalvationDATA data recovery tools.

For a deeper or advanced level of data loss prevention and data recovery, SalvationDATA tools focus on the hardware level of media diagnosis, offline data backup and disaster data recovery solutions which enables the public sectors, companies and other data centers to prevent data loss finally and maximally.

Our data recovery tools list:
Data Compass Unlimited Description
data recovery tool-Data Compass Unlimited

Professional data recovery hardware and disk imager you can use for both data loss prevention and data recovery. You can image the patient drives and recover the data before they are dead completely. Features included:

1, Alternative options of High-speed-6.8GB/min image and Faulty drive image and recovery;
2, Selevtively, visually recover the data with simple steps;
3, Recovering while protecting the source drives 100%;
4, Data recovery from hard drives, flash drives, SSD, SD, CF, MMC, etc; from desktop, laptop, server, cameras, cell phones, etc; from FAT, NTFS, HFS,HFX,HFS+,EXT2,EXT3, EXT4, exFAT

Data Copy King Flash Doctor
data recovery tool-data copy king
data recovery tool-sd flash doctor

1:1 hard drive duplicator and data wiping hardware, and you can use it for 6.8GB/min high-speed image or 8GB/min data wiping meeting DoD 5220.22-M wiping standard.

Professional flash data recovery equipment recovering data from flash drives, TSOP48 flash NAND chips and BGA chips. You can use it for flash data recovery from damaged USB flash drives, SD, MMC, CF, XD cards, pen drives, etc.

Data Compass Premium Data Compass Standard
data recovery tool-data compass premium
data recovery tool-data compass standard

Premium version of Data Compass used for disk image, data recovery, RAID analysis and reconstruction, familiar with the Data Compass Unlimited version but it doesn’t have the high-speed image and wiping features.

Standard version of Data Compass used for file/partition recovery, faulty drive image, familiar with the Data Compass Unlimited version but it doesn’t have the features of high-speed image and wiping and RAID recovery add-on.

HD Doctor Drive Restoration Suite HD HPE PRO
data recovery tool-hd doctor
data recovery tool-hd hpe pro
Professional firmware hdd repair tools supporting Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Hitachi/IBM, Samsung, Toshiba/Fujitsu, you can use it to repair bad sectors, remove passwords, repair firmware modules to get the patient drives working again and find the lost data back. Professional hdd repair tools for physically damaged hard drives, you can use it to open the drive in clean room or clean bench and perform head/platter swap to get the dead drives alive.
SD iPhone Recovery How To Select The Best and Right Data Recovery Tools

Introducing World’s 1st Jailbroken & Non-jailbroken iPhone Data Recovery Software.

Support either jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, all iTouch versions and iPad 1/2, unlimited iPhone forensic data recovery with MD5 checking and log export features.

iPhone forensic software used to forensically recover deleted txt messages, recover deleted contacts and recover deleted call history, transfer iPhone data to computer.

How To Select The Best and Right Data Recovery Tools

SalvationDATA experienced data recovery engineers help customers worldwide who want to start data recovery business or set up in-house data recovery labs to select the best and right data recovery tools


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