Why Should You Use SQL Database Recovery Software?


Databases help companies give value to their raw data to conduct numerous critical analyses. These companies might use a SQL database to conduct manipulations to detect patterns in their business transactions to unearth hidden opportunities. As a Digital Forensic Analyst, you might be tasked to cross-check some aspects of the company’s database during an audit.

What if something corrupts your data and you’re unable to use it?

To avoid interruptions during your investigation, it’s essential to use SQL database recovery software. For instance, you’re able to easily recover corrupted or lost data from SQLServer with the help of an effective tool capable of restoring your lost data with utmost proficiency. With an advanced database recovery tool, you can immediately restore and repair all corrupt NDF and MDF files without compromising the integrity of the original data that may be part of an investigative analysis.

What is SQL Database Recovery Software?

SQL Database Recovery software is a tool that assists individual users, data managers, and forensic analysts to recover their database in case an unexpected error causes corruption. You should think of it as an accurate system that can recover queries, tables, views, programming, default settings, and other vital operations in your SQL database. After recovering all of your data, you can preview the recovered data to see if something is missing.

This type of software allows users to save the recovered data in SQL scripts, supports Page Compression and ROW Compression, and helps handle various corruptions. That is to say, forensic analysts can also use the dual recovery tool to handle different types of corruption.

Meanwhile, SQL database in recovery mode gives analysts two options to initiate the file recovery process:

  • you can either export corrupt files into a new database file
  • or export the file with schema.

Why Do You Need SQL Database Recovery Software?

Data is the lifeblood of every organization that works with SQL databases. So, a backup system must be available to restore the vital data when file storage media gets corrupted. In this case, recovery software is an essential tool that provides backup support.

1. A recovery software helps restore the damaged files with high accuracy and maintains the database structure intact. Similarly, the recovery software also helps in maintaining the integrity of objects. There could be numerous reasons for your SQL database corruption, such as accidental deletion, virus, MDF files storage device corruption, header file corruption, change in SQL database, etc.

Normally, SQL database recovery software performs critical functions like recovering, restoring, and maintaining the database.

2. The software solves all the problems mentioned above in the corrupted database file and brings back a new or workable database for your ease. It is crucial to install proper and effective recovery software in your system to tackle unforeseen circumstances.

3. The recovery software is the need of the hour for every analyst who is auditing a data-sensitive organization. Their whole work depends upon the data stored in the SQL database. It provides critical benefits to the investigator regarding reliability, durability, efficiency, and effectiveness.

After using the software, you can bring the SQL database back to normal mode from recovery mode. Plus, it also supports additional functions such as recovering the deleted records and saving them in separate SQL script files, which means you can also use SQL databases in recovery mode to suspect corrupt databases.

Benefits and Features of SQL Database Recovery Software?

SQL database recovery software offers various benefits and features that will help you in your investigation, which are:

  • Recovery of SQL Database

The first benefit of recovery software is retrieving damaged and corrupted data from the SQL database. It recovers all types of files, such as MDF and NDF, which show effectiveness. The recovery of crucial files will save time and help them understand the utility of the SQL database for future needs.

  • Recovery of SQL Database Objects

The second benefit is the ability of the database system to restore and recover all database objects. These database objects are keys, views, tables, indexes, rules, triggers, user-defined functions, stored procedures, and much more.

  • Recovery of Deleted Data from SQL Database

The third benefit of this software is recovering deleted data from a corrupt SQL file without impacting the existing data and original hierarchy. It also permits saving the restored file in a newly established table just below the original table. This feature helps differentiate between the recovered and the original files in a new table.

  • Two Scanning and Recovery Modes

You can use two recovery and scanning modes during the investigation:

  • Standard mode: The standard recovery mode is used for faster data processing and is mainly suggested by the experts.
  • Advanced mode: The advanced mode should only be used when the system’s “Out of memory” message appears.

Once the process is complete, the software will convert your SQL database in recovery mode to normal mode.

  • Two Saving and Restoring Modes

The two saving modes feature is a compelling option that helps store and save the recovery file in two modes. This feature of database software also supports saving recovered files in two modes: Batch file and SQL server.

In SQL server mode, you can save the restored files directly into the server. While in the Batch file mode, you can save the batch file of the recovered database in the desired place. You can also carry out audits with a reliable data storing feature due to the software’s advanced settings.

  • Two ways of SQL Authentication

Users can benefit from SQL authentication in two ways that provide them with complete security. You can use server and Windows authentication to keep your database secure from this feature.

It also increases the file security and integrity of the recovered SQL database.

  • Cost Savings and Performance’s Improvement

It allows organizations to save their data cost by having backup and recovery software since companies need to hire a third-party service provider to restore their data if they do not have SQL database recovery software.

Moreover, companies can also improve their performance due to timely restoration and recovery of lost data. This effective system would prove a beneficial choice for your company in difficult times. It is because you can efficiently perform your functions without fear of losing data due to malware or any other virus in the system.

From the perspective of a forensic analyst, equipped with database recovery software, your audit and analysis work become much easier and more helpful.

  • Parallel Processing with SQL Database Recovery Software

Parallel processing helps forensic analysts process and restore up to eight tables simultaneously of recovery. This feature helps the software to perform faster recovery by reducing the time during the file extraction process from the SQL database.

  • Automatic Selection of Database Version

Softwares specific for database recovery can also detect and choose the SQL database version due to advanced algorithms in its programming. Automatic features of this software help in ensuring complete efficiency and productivity.

  • Sustains Recovery Data’s Integrity

This software also ensures the integrity of recovery data due to its advanced settings. It sustains the integrity of all recovered objects after completing SQL database recovery. This feature makes sure that you will get the same original data without any minor changes.

Which SQL Database Recovery Software is Right for You?

This effective recovery tool has various benefits and features that help the analyst recover and restore the corrupted and deleted data. Therefore, you should have a keen understanding of the software before choosing.

Due to an abundance of SQL database variants, you will come across numerous options while looking for recovery software. Most commonly, the SQL server is one for the SQL database that has been widely used.

Specifically developed for SQL server, DBR for SQL Server from SalvationDATA is one of the effective and efficient database recovery tools that can help recover damaged, inaccessible, and corrupted databases stored on SQL Server.

Here is the list of features provided by our SQL server database recovery software:

Features for DBR for SQLserver

After a free download for the tool,  you should launch the recovery software and get started with our simple interface.

  1. Before starting the recovery process, you must select the corrupted database first.
  2. Click on the three dots to define the path to your database,
  3. Then, click on Recover Deleted Data.

Home - DBR for SQLserver

Regardless of your installed SQL Server version environment, our DBR software will detect all recoverable databases and you’re capable of viewing all versions SQL server database on the left panel, where all your database objects are displayed, even if without the corresponding SQL server version operation environment.

Recovery process - DBR for Server


SQL database recovery software is an effective tool to restore, repair, and recover corrupt or damaged data from the SQL database. It allows digital forensic analysts to restore SQL database files such as tables, triggers, views, stored procedures, and functions that get deleted intentionally or unintentionally.

It can quickly restore NDF and MDF files within no time due to time efficiency and excellent performance. The recovery software also offers numerous benefits and features that show effectiveness and efficiency during their investigation.