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Latest Raid Data Recovery Tool:

Data Compass Premium with RAID Data Recovery Add-On

2011 top rated data recovery hardware, selectively and visually recovering data from both detected and undetected drives!

Hardware-Software Complex data recovery tools with all functions of Data Compass Standard and extra opportunity to deal with raid data recovery (RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5E and RAID 5EE) if RAID system is:

1)with segment disk(s) missing;
2)with parameters and/or configurations corrupted;
3)with hardware array card or server system damaged.

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Data Compass Innovations Road
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HDD Repair Tools Portfolio : ( See All )

Fix Firmware Corruption, Repair Bad Sectors, Unlock hard drives, etc.

    HD Doctor for Seagate
    HD Doctor for Maxtor
    HD Doctor for WD
    HD Doctor for Hitachi/IBM
    HD Doctor for Samsung
    HD Doctor for Toshiba/Fujitsu

Latest Hard Disk Drive Duplicator:

Data Copy King

Hardware-software complex hard drive duplicator imaging data from not only good drives, but drives with lots of bad sectors and even clicking only if the drives are detected in the bios.

Besides disk image, DCK integrates disk wipe and fast hdd auto detection solutions. DCK has the world's fastest image speed up to 6.8GB/min and wipe speed at 7.7GB/min.

DCK bypass OS/bios and works with any kind of hard drives and flash drives.

More about Please visit our new
More about DC(Data Compass) Vs. DCK(Data Copy King)

hard drive duplicator

Latest Flash Data Recovery Tool - New Flash Doctordisk image

Flash Doctor package

Hardware-software complex data recovery tool for flash data recovery from the physically damaged flash storage devices when access to the user data is impossible by the native interface realized by the native controller.

It handles all models of flash devices with NAND chip (SD, SM ,MMC, XD, USB Pendrive, MemoryStick, CompactFlash etc.)

More about data recovery tool Flash Doctor,please visit our new site:
Data Recovery Tools are very popular in India.
Free flash data recovery service program

flash data recovery tools

iPhone data recovery & forensic software

Introducing World' 1st Jailbroken & Non-jailbroken iPhone Data Recovery Software.

Support either jailbroken or non-jailbroken iPhone 1, 2, 3, 4, all iTouch versions and iPad 1/2, unlimited iPhone forensic data recovery with MD5 checking and log export features.

iPhone forensic software used to forensically recover deleted txt messages, recover deleted contacts and recover deleted call history, transfer iPhone data to computer.

SD iPhone Recovery

Hard Drive Repair Tool---HD HPE PRO & Clean Room

Hard Drive repair Tool by SalvationDATA built to handle Head Stack and DSM issues. You can easily use this hard drive repair tool for disk platter exchange.

SalvationDATA offers the world the latest physical clean room data recovery tools and solutions with its years experience in clean room data recovery.

Clean Room Data Recovery Cases

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Featured Customer Resources                                                                   MORE
SalvationDATA's Data Recovery Tools Works for SKL
SKL is a state funded independent laboratory under the Swedish National Police Board.
SalvationDATA's Data Recovery Tool Works for FIA
FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) is a respectable governmental office in Pakistan, which has purchased SalvationDATA's Data Recovery Tool, Flash Doctor.
SalvationDATA's Data Recovery Tool Works for Microsoft
Microsoft has purchased our Data Recovery Tool, Head Replacement Toolkit
Data Recovery Tool Works in Bradford College in UK
Our Company's Data Recovery Tool Works in Bradford College in UK
Dell Purchased HD Doctor Suite From SalvationDATA
Dell, one of the largest technological corporations in the world, has purchased HD Doctor Suite from SalvationDATA
Birmingham City University data recovery solutions
More Universities Select SalvationDATA Data Recovery Equipment

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-Officers from General Command of Gendarmerie of Turkey came to SalvationDATA training
Last week 7 officers from Turkish Gendarmerie General Command came to SalvationDATA for 5 days data recovery training. …-04/22/2014Get More >>

-The second seminar of data recovery technologies in Iran
The second seminar of data recovery technologies in Iran was held in Tehran in March 2014.…-04/22/2014Get More >>

-5 Day training finished in SalvationDATA
Louis, who comes from Brazil, attended SalvationDATA 5 day regular training in Chengdu last week. The training covered basics to real hands on practice including head swap, platter swap and pcb swap. …-03/03/2014Get More >>

-SalvationDATA had 6 customers joined three weeks training
For past three weeks, SalvationDATA had trainings for 6 customers at SD new office. The customers are from Middle East, Africa and Europe. …-10/15/2013Get More >>

-One day training finished in Salvationdata Chengdu office
Two customers from India attended Salavationdata one-day introductory training in Chengdu on 10th October …-10/15/2013Get More >>


Data Recovery Glossary:

Base-Knowledge and glossary of data recovery and data recovery tools.
General Hard Drive Concepts:
    Start Chart    ROM    Servo Information    Firmware Components    Boot Sector
General Data Recovery Concepts:
    The Frequently Reasons of Data Lose
    Hard Disk Defect Classification
    Impossible Scope of Data Recovery
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We develop and manufacture specialized Data Recovery Tools for:

Data Loss Prevention
HD manufacturer-level diagnostics
HD restoration/ refurbishing
Broad sense disk data recovery
Data recovery from flash drives
Extracting data from HD
Comprehensive data recovery training
Data Recovery Tools Know-how:  (See All)

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"I really can’t thank SalvationDATA Best Sales Rep, Best Support Engineer From SalvationDATA...."
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