Video Investigation Portable

Video Investigation Portable

VIP (Video Investigation Portable) 2.0 promotes the efficient and effective extraction and recovery of digital media evidence for law enforcement and investigators by utilizing the forensically sound manner approach, audio and video evidence can quickly, easily and securely be recovered directly from CCTV DVRs, save you from expensive and time-consuming process and give you a smarter video Investigation with lower cost.

VIP 2.0 can get access to the normal or even non-functioning DVR surveillance systems such as burnt, watered and damaged DVRs. And VIP 2.0 not only can perform forensic data recovery from password protected DVR directly but also can search and retrieve video clips from live CCTV surveillance system quickly and easily.

With SalvationDATA’s patented technology, VIP 2.0 can identify the proprietary DVR file system automatically, preview and export video clips easily, eliminating any need for external video players, and can recover video clips that are no longer accessible to the DVR, such as lost, deleted, overwritten and fragmented video metadata.

Using time-efficient video retrieval function of VIP 2.0, investigators can easily retrieve, search and report on CCTV and covert surveillance video clips, such as find a person of interest crossing the street or perhaps a black vehicle moving towards east. This powerful function includes objects identification and motion analytics from vast amounts of video clips, also ensuring the integrity of video evidence.


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