Why Would You Have To Deploy A Professional DVR Forensics Software?

Video Forensics

Video surveillance systems are increasingly widely used in various industries and the typical application scenarios include: banks, securities business premises, enterprises and institutions, agencies, internal and external environments of commercial establishments, building passages, parking lots, internal and external environments of high-end community homes, and libraries , hospitals, parks, etc.

[Case Study] DVR Forensics: Sophisticated Tool in VIP 2.0, Makes Video Retrieval Technology Easily Achievable

Editor’s Note: As our previous post wrote, with SalvationDATA’s patented technology, VIP 2.0 can identify the proprietary DVR filesystem automatically, preview and export video clips easily, eliminating any need for external video players, and can recover video clips that are no longer accessible to the DVR, such as lost, deleted, overwritten and fragmented video metadata.

[Case Study] DVR Forensics: How to retrieve CCTV footage from a live video surveillance system in a forensically sound manner?

Editor’s Note: In our previous posts, we showed VIP 2.0 can get access to the normal or even non-functioning DVR surveillance systems such as burnt, watered and damaged DVRs, and VIP 2.0 can also perform forensic data recovery from password-protected DVR directly. But if the surveillance system cannot be stopped, and the storage hard drive can not be taken out from the DVR, how can we retrieve the video clips?