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SalvationDATA Training Center, located in Chengdu, was established in 2011. Till now we have held hundreds of senior digital forensics and forensic data recovery trainings, expert lectures, and seminars which have helped thousands of trainees.

SalvationDATA has successfully delivered its certified digital forensic courses to numerous law enforcement, forensic investigators, and legal professionals as well as private corporations across all industry sectors.

Our new training programs are aimed at forensic investigators, digital security practitioners and those who computer forensic experience want to develop skills further in order to conduct thorough, efficient and comprehensive investigations.

Expert-led trainers and practical technical exercises will ensure you acquire the latest industry knowledge, best practice, and professional tools to conduct the most effective digital forensic investigations.

Professional Training from Beginner to Advanced Level

Professional Training from Beginner to Advanced Level

We provide Basic Data Recovery, DVR Forensics, Mobile Forensics, SFAE, SFAC, SMFC, RAID&Data Base, SSD recovery and customized training courses for global customers. Certification will be granted to the trainees after they passed the training examination.




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