Data Recovery System

In the early 1980s personal computers became more accessible to consumers, leading to their increased use in criminal activity. The discipline of computer forensics emerged during this time as a method to recover and investigate digital evidence for use in court.

Computer forensics involves the preservation, identification, extraction, recording and reporting of computer data. Forensic methods are underpinned by flexibility and extensive domain knowledge. However, while several methods can be used to extract evidence from a particular computer, the strategies used by law enforcement are rather rigid and lack the flexibility of the civilian sector.

DRS (Data Recovery System) is the next generation intelligent all-in-one forensic data recovery tool which can help you acquire and recover data from both good and damaged storage media like HDD simply and easily. Having integrated with main functions as disk diagnostics, disk imaging, file recovery, file carving, firmware recovery, reporting, write protection and hash calculation, more functional features as fragment recovery, RAIDx automatic reallocation, break-point recovery, USB3.0 support have been included in DRS as well. Especially for the work-flow of digital forensics, without external write blocker, read-only port has been embedded in DRS to ensure that data has not been tampered. Besides, DRS can generate and output detailed reports so that the investigation process can be clearly documented.


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