How to improve your digital forensics investigations with professional workstations?

Digital Lab in Egypt Educational Dept - SalvationDATA
Digital Lab in Egypt Educational Dept - SalvationDATA
Digital Lab in Egypt Educational Dept - SalvationDATA

In recent years, SalvationDATA has actively and extensively carried out market and technical exchanges around the world. More and more countries and regions have begun to understand and gradually recognize the characteristics and advantages of SalvationDATA’s digital forensics series products.

Through the cooperation with local agents in Indonesia, SalvationDATA successfully recommended digital forensics workstations and related laboratory equipment to Indonesian government, universities and institutions, including Indonesia National Police, National Cyber Security Bureau and Indonesia CID Police College, and successfully received two laboratory project orders from the customers. The solution is designed according to the needs of the customers. While completing the delivery tasks on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, a technical team capable of independently running the laboratory management business system has been trained for customers. With its scientific and technological design concept and mature project experience, the project has been highly praised and recognized by the leaders of the Indonesian National Police.

Like the Indonesian National Police, many industry leaders in digital forensics worldwide have begun to fully introduce the latest forensics technology, and have achieved more efficient work and more cases solved. However, although law enforcement agencies have begun to adopt advanced digital forensics technologies, there are still a large number of users who do not have such awareness, and still face many problems.

At present, digital forensics investigation is facing new challenges, such as more storage media involved in the forensics process, large capacity, heavy task of forensics analysis, low efficiency of forensics work, etc. Law enforcement agencies are in urgent need of improving their intelligence level of evidence collection, acquisition and analysis.

As a leading provider of digital data forensics laboratory solutions in the industry, SalvationDATA has integrated the design principles of “standard”, “specialty”, “process” and “function” into the laboratory construction. Meanwhile, the forward-looking design aesthetic is maintained with the modern and professional sense so as to build a new generation of big data forensics and analysis laboratory.

NAVIGATOR LH-DP990 intelligent forensics workstation, the core composition of the digital forensic laboratory, is an all-in-one new generation forensic extraction and analysis workstation aimed to help worldwide forensic examiners work smarter and faster. With high-performance computing platform as the carrier, it is equipped with multiple forensic application modules such as computer forensics and mobile phone forensics, which can conduct forensic analysis on common media such as mobile phone and hard disk according to standard digital forensics procedure. It can conduct rapid pre-investigation, data acquisition, data protection, media repair, computer data forensics analysis, mobile phone data forensics analysis, report and so on.


NAVIGATOR LH-DP990 helps improve the customers’ professional investigation through the following FIVE key features:

The man-machine combination

It adopts the design concept of ergonomics and perfectly combines human, machine and environment so as to create a new immersive digital forensics work experience for users.

  • Unique style

As its name suggests, NAVIGATOR LH-DP990 is designed in a cool and elegant space style. Many customers say it looks like they were in a spaceship at the first sight of the intelligent forensics workstation.

  • Highly integrated

It integrates high-performance CPU, RAM, and storage hardware for excellent forensic tasks and combines the major forensic tools covering from mobile forensics, computer forensics to database forensics to meet customers’ forensics needs.

  • High scalability

It is compatible with all the digital forensics software from SalvationDATA as well as the third-party software tools.

  • Highly customized

It can be customized with expandable and renewable computer tower configuration, selectable LED light color and customizable logo design according to the requirements from the clients.

With the presence of NAVIGATOR LH-DP990, the Indonesian National Police finished a modern efficient digital forensics laboratory finally. It has greatly improved their intelligence level of forensics investigation, solved the actual needs of customers, and won high praise from the customer. The smooth delivery of the Indonesia digital forensics laboratory projects marked that SalvationDATA’s digital forensics laboratory solutions gained recognition from overseas customers. It also verified the integrity of the laboratory project solutions design and the operating efficiency of maturity, also explore and perfect the management of overseas laboratory project delivery work process.

At the same, SalvationDATA will also take this opportunity to further expand its overseas layout to bring more new products and services to the global market.

Besides, SalvationDATA also cooperated with senior agents in the Russian industry and successfully introduced digital forensic laboratory solutions into the Russian market. Up to now, SalvationDATA has established cooperative relationships with several Russian government agencies, including the Military Investigation Department of the Russian Federal Investigative Committee, the Russian Federal Security Service, the Russian Ministry of International Affairs, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. 

For those who are looking for designing or customized your specific digital forensic lab, you can also reach to the article to get some ideas about How To Set Up a Cutting-Edge Digital Forensic Laboratories.

Time is changing and technology is evolving. Law enforcement agencies and other related institutions should keep up with the development of the digital age by equipping themselves with the most advanced one-stop digital forensics laboratory in response to the increasingly rampant digitalization in crime. SalvationDATA is always committed to providing innovative technologies for law enforcement agencies, military, educational institutions as well as corporations. Should you have any inquiries, please kindly feel free to contact us for assistance.


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