•DRS High-speed Image Module works for normal HDD, USB Flash, CF cards and TF cards, etc. It can copy & clone data from HDD, USB Flash, CF cards and memory sticks, which is widely applied to HDD copy by byte-to-byte and HDD image in the field of the digital forensics field.
•Support imaging in bad sectors, provide solutions to stuck disk when imaging and even to inoperable sector data etc. Users can customize the configuration of accuracy to load sector data and image copy-failed sectors. The whole process of image is displayed on real time. Through anti- stuck technology, DRS offers an ideal solution to bad sector imaging.
•Support copying data for IDE/SATA, HDD, USB Flash, CF cards and TF cards at high speeds, and fast copy bad sector HDD with IDE/SATA/USB ports.
•Apply UDMA-133 transform technology, and the testing copy speed reaches 12GB/min.
•Support reading data by forward/backward or reading repeatedly in order to extract more data.
•Support identify the damaged head and adjust to selective head imaging.


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