DBR amazingly recovers my vital data from the Database!

Database Recovery
Database Recovery

Recently an impressive case from our customers who were in urgent need of recovering his data from SQLserver interests us much. We’re here sharing the case for the reason that it could probably happen to most of you when dealing with the issues of database recovery.

Hopefully, the case could enlighten you in one way or another.

Traced back to a few days ago, our customer Rah from New Delhi, India was about to export his data from the SQLserver database. Whereas, he just found that some essential data was seemingly lost and left with only a few fragments of a sudden.

database recovery

His heart was torn with anxiety. Then, he tried every effort to recover his data. More than that, he purchased various database recovery software online by searching on Google. However, it turned out that everything was in vain and the lost data can not be retrieved even though it had cost a lot.

There was nothing reliable tool that existed for solving his problem at the moment.

database recovery system from Salvationdata - install

All of a sudden, a thought recalled in his mind that he once purchased SPF(Smart Phone Forensics) from SalvationDATA to recover the lost data of his cellphone and it did work just fine. Then, He immediately reached to us and made that chance to rely on the only hope by using our Database Recovery System(DBR) for SQLserver.

database recovery system from Salvationdata profile

After installing DBR, the problem for the lost data just was quickly detected. It happened to the corrupt MDF and NDF files and that was absolutely what DBR is capable of.

Just a while, the good news came to Rah that It just did a fabulous job to make everything retrieved and recovered completely especially for those vital data.

database recovery system from Salvationdata 3
database recovery system from Salvationdata 2
database recovery system from Salvationdata 1

He can’t help saying thanks for what we had assisted for and appreciated us much.

That was absolutely a wonderful ending for him. Meanwhile, what we can get from the case is that, though free software is available everywhere, reliable software means saving not only tons of your time but lots of charges. Further, your data deserves a more professional brand to support and protect with.

Trusting a professional brand Salvationdata who is expertise in Digital forensics for more than 20 years couldn’t be a better choice.

At last, here’s a quick introduction for DBR.

DBR for SQLServer is an efficient and powerful SQLServer database repair tool that can repair damaged, corrupted, or inaccessible SQLServer databases, including database tables, views, functions, stored procedures, and triggers. In addition to repairing the database, it can also scan and recover deleted data in the database. DBR for SQLServer provides a simple and easy-to-use operation interface and simple recovery process, even if you are a non-technical user, you can use it easily.

DBR for SQLServer full introduction: http://www.salvationdata.net/dbr4ms/

SalvationData official website: https://www.salvationdata.com


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