Detect, Prevent, and Stop criminal activity behind bars

before it goes out of hand!

Upgrade your arsenal now!

“ Never worry about the safety of the prison guards and the public again.

Experience innovative digital forensics solutions by SalvationDATA. ”

Your Mission

As a correctional facility manager, your main objective is to protect your employees, the inmates, and the public.

Detect illegal activity


Thanks to modern digital forensics solutions, you can be the first to know when crime takes place inside the correctional facility.

Prevent crime


Once you’ve identified the type of crime that’s taking place, stop it in its tracks by identifying and apprehending the suspects.

Stop smugglers

Stop smugglers

Today, inmates are smuggling drugs and other illegal substances into the correctional facility with the help of accomplices and drones.

Trace contacts


Find out exactly who the suspect has been in contact with and see where the traces lead. Then simply apprehend everyone involved.

Analyze evidence


Analyze digital evidence and visualize the results in real-time. Find what you’re looking for in the most efficient manner possible.

Share data


During the investigation, timely share digital evidence with other law enforcement agencies to crack down the criminal network for good.

What does the statistic tell?

Crime behind bars never sleeps

Crime behind bars never sleeps.

inmate offenses chart

You can tell from the chart, though digital forensics has kept evloving recent years, multiple types of crime remain raising!

Thanks to SalvationDATA’s SPF PRO, inmate crime will never stay hidden again.

How does SPF Pro Support the officers?


Analyze digital evidence on seized phones in an instant; Never waste time sending devices to third party forensics labs again.


Conduct drone forensics to prevent smuggling; Extract data from multiple seized devices at the same time


Visualize messages, emails, and conversations in real time; Break through any encryption, screen locks, and OS


Effortlessly trace any inmate’s contacts
Identify threats and illegal activity;Filter results based on keywords, date, time, etc; Full 24/7 support

SPF Pro Quick Glance

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What our customers are saying?

“I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. If the guards suspect any foul play inside the cells, this is how we get to the bottom of it.”
Adam Sendler
Law enforcement
“Never has it been this easy to stop smugglers in their tracks. Once we’re able to pinpoint the one responsible, we take down the whole network.”
Mila Kunis
Forensic Lab
“Thanks to SPF PRO, we are able to seize and analyze more devices in record time.”
Mike Sendler
Forensic Analyst