How to improve your digital forensics investigations with professional workstations?

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In recent years, SalvationDATA has actively and extensively carried out market and technical exchanges around the world. More and more countries and regions have begun to understand and gradually recognize the characteristics and advantages of SalvationDATA’s digital forensics series products.

Why do we need an integrated digital forensic laboratory instead of a single forensic tool?

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With the continuous development of information technology, we are entering an digital age. Computers, mobile devices and other related equipment and technologies are increasingly integrated into people’s work and life, enriching and changing people’s lives. However, at the same time, they are also used and applied to criminal activities. Various violations and crimes involving digital material evidence continue to emerge, and digital material evidence has developed into a new form of evidence beyond the traditional, appearing in various cases. Looking to the future, it can be foreseen that with the increasing popularity of digital devices, more and more criminal traces will be left on digital devices used by criminals consciously or unconsciously.

How do we comprehend Smart Phone Digital Forensics ?

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With the rapid development of network communication technology, mobile phones are playing a more and more essential role in people’s daily life. According to statistical information, the number of smartphone users in the world nowadays is 3.8 billion, which means 48.37% of the worldwide population possess their smartphones. The figure has been being up considerably since 2016 when there were only 2.5 billion users, 33.58% of that year’s global population.

How To Set Up A Cutting-Edge Digital Forensics Lab for Law Enforcement ?

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Throughout the history of digital forensics, its development is highly interconnected with technology innovation. Along with the technology innovation, in the current digital society, we’ve already been in an environment that immeasurable digital data can be generated in a flash via numerous digital ways including phones, computers, videos, etc. Plus, it’s still developing and probably turns out with unprecedented digital outcomes. Without marvelous processing capacity, we’ll be incapable of reliably dealing with the existing or future digital data.

[Case Study] Computer Forensics: Data Recovery & Extraction From Platter Scratched Hard Drives

Editor’s note: As a forensic data recovery expert, SalvationDATA receives different data recovery cases every day. Our forensic customers usually turn to us for help when they run into a case they are not able to handle. And among all the data lost situations, platter scratch is one of the most difficult kinds of problem to deal with. So in this issue, let’s see what is the correct forensic process for a platter scratched hard drive.

[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: Physical Extraction for Qualcomm and Mediatek Smartphone

Editor’s note: Physical Extraction by means of the Qualcomm and MediaTek chipset which was built in the smart devices will always be the most important way to do the forensic job! Even though we have posted numbers of articles named “Case Study” on the blogs to expound this solution, but there are inquiries and doubts from the users as still. So today we are going to review “how to do physical extraction for Qualcomm and MediaTek smart devices”.

[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: Several Ways of Exploration for iOS Jailbreaking and iPhone Forensics

Editor’s Note: Related to mobile forensics, a big problem is how to crack the screen lock, especially crack the iPhone’s screen lock password, Currently, CheckRa1n, a jailbreaking tool based on the checkm8 vulnerability, has successfully jailbroken most iPhones on the market, but how to jailbreak on dealing with different devices, whether to crack the screen lock password, how to proceed smartphone forensics, and what’s the results of forensics, now please follow the forensic experts from SalvationDATA to check everything sharing on this article.

[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: Better Understanding of SQLite Database Based on Smartphone Forensic Data Acquisition

Editor’s Note: Today we are going to talk about some common knowledge about mobile forensics, including SQLite file analysis, SQLite file structure, SQLite analysis tool, SQLite common statement, etc…as we all know, most app data stored in SQLite database files, usually when we want to perform mobile forensics, we need to decrypt and analyze SQLite files, so we hope you can have a better understanding of SQLite database files through this article.

[Case Study] DVR Forensics: Sophisticated Tool in VIP 2.0, Makes Video Retrieval Technology Easily Achievable

Editor’s Note: As our previous post wrote, with SalvationDATA’s patented technology, VIP 2.0 can identify the proprietary DVR filesystem automatically, preview and export video clips easily, eliminating any need for external video players, and can recover video clips that are no longer accessible to the DVR, such as lost, deleted, overwritten and fragmented video metadata.