IT & Finance

With rapid growth of global informationalization construction, every state has quickened their step to the rapid development to follow the trend. The informationalization provides us a more convenient and efficient way control the cost and improve the viability of the enterprise. Otherwise, any objective or man-made factors can bring us a risk of important data lost or data leakage in the informationalized management. That will make economic losses, potential properties losses, bad effect on annual evaluation of secret departments and bad impression of enterprise management.

SalvationDATA “Giant and Medium Enterprise Solution” is based on the standardized work-flow and supporting facilities of data recovery. With well-trained technicians, it can realize daily management and maintenance of computer storage media and internal/external network protection. The solution contains three parts including self-check of irregular web browsing behavior, self-check of operation history of secret computer and deep forensics of secret computer. It can deal with data recovery of HDD and other storage media timely and comprehensively in order to avoid risk of data leakage and protect the secret data of enterprise.


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