[News] Season’s Greetings from SalvationDATA

Editor’s note: As the end of the year 2019 quickly approaches, we all at SalvationDATA wish to thank you for being with us, learning with us and inspiring us to expand the horizons of data extraction and analysis. and many thanks to our partners and organizers of all the wonderful events we’ve been proud to be a part of. We have warm memories of SalvationDATA Mobile Forensics Training at the University of Zagreb, SalvationDATA Product Day in Nepal, SalvationDATA Road Show in India, SalvationDATA Seminar and Demanded Training in Taiwan Province, SalvationDATA Demanded Training in HongKong and Macau, SalvationDATA Product Day in Thailand, SalvationDATA Second Seminar in Taiwan Province, SalvationDATA Seminar and Demanded Training in Russia, and many other seminars and trainings. We love starting up new things and seeing your immediate and useful feedback. Let’s enhance this strong digital connection between us through the year 2020.