Digital Forensics: Insight into SalvationDATA Certified Training Program 2018!


[Products Launch] Boost Your Imaging Speed With SalvationDATA New Generation Forensic Hardware: DCK 2 and Write-Blocker


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[News] SalvationDATA awarded Sichuan Province Academician Expert Work Station

Editor’s note: On May 30, 2018, SalvationDATA received an award from the Sichuan Provincial Academician Expert Work Station and our founder Kenneth Liang attended the Sichuan Province Science and Technology Award Conference.


[Case Study] Computer Forensics: How To Forensically Extract Evidence Data From A Virtual Machine

Editor’s notes: Virtual machine (VM) is a quite popular technology in recent years. Every single VM simulates the performance of all crucial components and runs like a real computer system. All VM data is stored as files in a real hard drive. VMware Workstation is one of the most popular VM tools today. Now let’s see how SalvationDATA forensic experts extract evidentiary data from virtual machines based on VMware Workstation.


[News] Korean Partner Visited SalvationDATA New Premises and New Forensic Lab in Xi’an City

Editor’s note: On 11th May, our Korean partner visited SalvationDATA’s R&D center at SalvationDATA new premises and new forensic laboratory in Xi’an city. PRiMEWARE is one of our valued partners, we have established a good relationship of cooperation between us in the Korean market. First of all, our Overseas Director Kenny Wong lead the customer walked around our new premises and explained how we organized our new office.


[Software Update] DVR Forensics: VIP V1.0.15.7999 New Version Release for Better User Experience!

We are very pleased to announce that the exciting update of VIP (Video Investigation Portable) is released now! The newest version added several fascinating features, it will save your valuable time, make things more efficient and give you a better experience of DVR forensics. And you can download VIP from the resources page of our website and have a free trial now.


[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: How to Extract data from a bricked phone?

Editor’s note: Jan-2018, the Sichuan police solved a gambling case, a Samsung smartphone was found when capturing the suspect. And the suspect refused to give up the password. The investigator mistakenly corrupted the phone’s operating system when trying to flash it, and the phone couldn’t power up. Let’s see how SalvationDATA forensic experts managed to extract data from such corrupted device.


[News] Customers from Malaysia Government Visited SalvationDATA

Editor’s note: On 16th April, customers from Malaysia government invited by Mr. Shukri, the CEO of SIAGA INFORMATICS visited SalvationDATA’s R&D center at our new premises and new forensic laboratory in Xi’an city. SIAGA INFORMATICS is one of our valued partners, we have established a good relationship of cooperation between us in Malaysia market.


[News] SalvationDATA Participated in Chengdu-Qatar IT Industry Cooperation Exchange

On April 18th, The Chengdu-Qatar IT Industry Cooperation Exchange Conference was successfully held at the International Academic Exchange Hall of Chengdu Polytechnic. Mr. Mohamed, President of Business Development of the Tarabe Group, Wang Tao, Dean of the Chengdu Polytechnic, Chen Lin, secretary of the Sichuan Software Association and Mr. Wei Deputy Manager of SlavaionDATA Technology attended the conference.


[Software Update] Mobile Forensics: SPF V3.71.6.0 WhatsApp Database Extraction & Decryption

The latest update of SPF(Smartphone Forensic System) is released Now! In the new release, we integrated the WhatsApp forensic tool into SPF. This forensic tool is capable of extracting and decrypting encrypted WhatsApp database files without root access!


[News] We've Moved to New Premises!!!

We are happy to announce that we have moved to new larger premises to accommodate our expanding business and partners, clients, and staff will benefit from the new location.


[Case Study] Computer Forensics: Struggling to reconstruct RAID 5? Try With Our Easy Solutions!

In this article, our SalvationDATA forensic experts will demonstrate how to reconstruct RAID 5 in seconds. RAID 5 is based on block-level striping with parity. The parity information is striped across each drive, allowing the array to function even if one drive were to fail. The array’s architecture allows read and write operations to span multiple drives. This results in performance that is usually better than that of a single drive, but not as high as that of a RAID 0 array. RAID 5 requires at least three disks, but it is often recommended to use at least five disks for performance reasons.