[Case Study] WhatsApp Forensics:Decryption of Encrypted Databases and Extraction of Deleted Messages


[Case Study] Computer Forensics: Data Extraction From a Raspberry Pi


SalvationDATA Seminar and Demonstration in South Korea


SalvationDATA WhatsApp Forensics Free Tool Official Release

[Training] Digital Forensics Training for Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau

On 22th to 26th August 2017, with purposes of better understanding for digital forensics and its importance in the cyber security industry, trainees from Cyber Police Division of Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau were gathering at Chengdu to have a 5-days training on digital forensics and forensic data recovery technology offering by SalvationDATA.


[Software Update] DRS V17. - Independent Raw Scan & Firmware Recovery for Toshiba HDD

As an integrated digital forensics & data recovery solution provider, SalvationDATA would never stop satisfying clients by keeping updated its software. Here we are excited to announce that newest version of DRS (Data Recovery System) is releasing today!


[Training] DVR Forensics Online Training (FREE!)

Join us for online training on September 6th, 2017! This free training will provide acknowledge of how to retrieve video evidence inside abundant video clips from even damaged or inaccessible CCTV DVRs.


[Software Update] SPF V3.58.21.0 User Guidance Improvement and Allows Access to Even More Lost Data

The latest update of SPF(Smartphone Forensic System) is released Now! The newest version will give you better user guidance, especially for those who are not familiar with the operations of smartphones. And what’s more, it will give you access to even more lost data from a smartphone.


[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: Video Retrieval Technology-Research on Target Tracking

Editor's note: In this issue, data recovery experts from SalvationDATA will introduce a vital process of video retrieval, target tracking. Target tracking is a technique that can help connect the messy dots coming from different frames and then form a motion track of certain targets. Once the track is ready, investigators will be able to know clearly about the whereabouts of targets of interest, thus saving much trouble of manual inspection.


[News] Embassy of Pakistan Visit SalvationDATA R&D Center

On 2th Aug, Dr. Arshad Mahmood, Minister of Embassy of Pakistan, accompanied by Mr. Zhou Wei, South Asia region general manager of CETC, visit SalvationDATA's R&D center in Chengdu. CETC is one of our valued partners, we have been keeping cooperated with CETC over 'belt and road' initiative in South Asia market.


[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: Video Retrieval Technology-Research on Target Detection

Editor's Note: In this issue, data experts from SalvationDATA will introduce an essential technique, target detection, used for video retrieval. Among all the techniques used today for target detection, background modeling, featuring less calculation, low storage memory occupation, real-time and high robustness, is the most popular one. Cameras are deployed, nowadays, on almost every street thanks to the Surveillance Web project that requires every corner to be monitored. And the implementation of this project requires massive amounts of video clips to be stored. So how we can extract from it valuable leads that can help investigators crack a case becomes crucial.


[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: Video Retrieval Technology-Research on Video Decoding

Editor's note: Recent years have witnessed tremendous social development, increasing population migration and fast exchanging of information, all of which entails the constant transformation of the ways police department used to conduct forensics in order to meet ever-changing forms of crime. To meet this challenge, more and more hi-tech devices have been equipped, in recent years, for the police department to combat crimes. And DVR forensics, as one of the key branches of forensics, plays a crucial part in facilitating the transformation. To get a better understanding of DVR forensics, forensic experts from SalvationDATA will explain, starting from this issue, their research on DVR forensics.


[News] SalvationDATA is participating in National Procuratorate Technology and Equipment Exhibition

We are participating in PTEE2017! Get a hands-on experience of our popular forensic products at our booth.


[Software Promotion] DVR Forensics Solution Summer Giveaway

We are providing the whole DVR forensics solution on Summer Giveaway promotion--If you are forensic examiner, law enforcement investigator, forensic specialist, you are on our donating list. Contact us now!