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[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: How to Extract Data from Locked Devices Powered by MediaTek

Editor’s note: Digital forensic investigators usually get headaches when they have smartphones locked by password, or even worse, phones cannot power up due to physical damages. When you run into a situation like this, what are your options?


[Software Update] DRS Preview V17. Release

We are excited to announce that newest version of DRS Preview (the software version of DRS) is releasing! You can get everything you need from our resources page of the website and have a free trial now.


[Software Update] DRS (Data Recovery System) V17. New Version Release

As an integrated digital forensics & forensic data recovery solution provider, SalvationDATA would never stop satisfying clients by keeping updated its software. Here we are excited to announce that newest version of DRS (Data Recovery System) is releasing today!


[Event] SalvationDATA WhatsApp Forensics Free Tool Release Webinar

We will hold “WhatsApp Forensics Free Tool Release Webinar” on March 7th, 2018! Come and join us, and see how SalvationDATA forensic experts decrypt encrypted WhatsApp databases and extract deleted messages on non-rooted Android smartphones and iOS devices. And you can read our WhatsApp forensics article posted on the blog first if you want. We’ll also release a completely free WhatsApp forensic tool to help with your investigations. Come and see how it works. Last but not least, join us for this webinar and you’ll be able to have a peek at the latest progress of the major updates for our Mobile Forensics & DVR forensics products. Registrations are accepted no later than March 6th, 2018. Register Now!


[Life] Holiday Notice of Chinese New Year 2018!

To our valued customers and partners, Thank you all for giving our company full support in 2017. The Spring Festival of 2017 is approaching, all the staff of SalvationDATA wish you a happy Spring Festival and good luck in the year of the Dog!


[Life] This is How We Celebrate 2017: SalvationDATA Annual Party!!!

It has been 17 years since SalvationDATA was established. During these 17 years, with our customers’ requirements in our hearts, we have never ceased to innovate and managed to grow bigger and bigger.


[Case Study] WhatsApp Forensics:Decryption of Encrypted Databases and Extraction of Deleted Messages

Editor's note: WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular instant messengers of smartphone applications. Today over 1300 million monthly active users exchange free messages with WhatsApp worldwide. (Statistics of Jul.2017) Based on whisper systems communication protocols, its point-to-point communications remain securely protected even if someone manages to intercept them. And apparently, these data could contain vital case-relevant information for investigators, which is why WhatsApp has become one of the most important focuses in the field of mobile forensics. However, it is common knowledge that investigations with smartphones are not always easy. Investigators could run into various types of difficulties during the process (database encryption, system securities, deleted messages, etc). So in this article, we will talk about how to decrypt encrypted WhatsApp database, how to bypass WhatsApp encryption, and how to recover deleted WhatsApp messages.


[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: Unlock Evidentiary Data Hidden in Feature Phones

Smartphones are the most personal electronic device a user accesses. With the increasing prevalence of smartphones in peoples’ daily lives and in crime, data acquired from smartphones become an invaluable source of evidence for investigations relating to criminal, civil, and even high-profile cases. It is rare to conduct a digital forensic investigation that does not include a smartphone.


[Case Study] How to Extract Raw Data of GPS Location and Base Station on iOS/Android Devices

Editor’s note: In this article, SalvationDATA forensic experts will explain the process from raw data scanning to specific data extraction for iOS/Android mobile devices. This issue covers the analysis of common locating trace data and its analysis methods, and methods of using GPS service and base station service provided by the third-party for further data analysis and map display.


[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: How to Extract Data from Locked Devices Powered by Qualcomm

Qualcomm is an American multinational company which focuses on a single goal—invent mobile technology breakthroughs and it is pioneered the commercialization of 3G, 4G, 5G and next-generation wireless cellular communications. Qualcomm’ products are used by many cell phone manufacturers, especially for Android devices.