[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: Video Retrieval Technology-Research on Target Tracking


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[Technical Article] Data Extraction from Damaged Toshiba 500 Hard Drive

This issue covers technique application case study conducted by SalvationDATA technicians —— data extraction through secondary opening of Toshiba 500 hard drive. The hard drive involved in this case study was seriously bumped, with vital part of the disk pitted and its edge deformed. This drive had been opened before using unknown procedures and techniques under unknown opening environment, and possible damages to the disk and other hardware remain unclear, which led to difficulties and typical characteristics of the secondary opening.


[Technical Insights] Data on Crashed Raid 5 and RAID 6 to be Recovered and Extracted

In this issue, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province explain their research on data recovery and extraction from crashed RAID 5 and RAID 6. This research provides a new method with higher efficiency and easier operations to address the problem of extracting data from crashed server arrays.


[Technical Article] Computer Forensics: Data on Defective HDD Recovered with Intensive Read

Intensive read, also referred to as compulsory read, is the data recovery method that increases the recovery intensity while extracting data from defective hard drives with bad sectors.


[Technical Insights] Cellphone Forensics: A Research on Cellphone Audio File Extraction

In this issue, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province explain their research on technologies of cellphone audio file data extraction.


[Technical Insights] Fragmented Files Recovery Based on XFS File System

With the continuous development of data recovery technology, techniques for data recovery from logic layer of discs are constantly improving. Yet there remains a great challenge: how to recover fragmented files. Through a case study of fragmented files in XFS file system, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province will explain in this issue how to recover fragmented files based on XFS file system.


[Technical Insights] A Discussion on Means of iPhone Data Extraction

In the former issues of Technical Insights, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province(Subsidiary of SalvationDATA) explained their researches on extraction of cellphone audio files, the recovery of SQLite database files, the writing of forensic scripts for cellphone apps, and the mining of data through defensive cellphone apps etc. The focus of this issue is the various means of data extraction from iPhones (either jail-broken or not) that can give access to all types of data, including texts, images, audios and videos.


[Technical Article] How SalvationDATA Experts Extracted Data from Hard Drive Burned and Watered

The loss of data caused by the damage of electronic devices is one of the major problems in this information era and the recovery of those data is a technological barrier experts need to overcome. In the pursuit of ensuring information security by using technology more efficiently, this report explains how SalvationDATA experts extracted data from a broken hard drive that was burned and watered.


[Software Release] SalvationDATA Releases DRS(Data Recovery System) V17!

As a world-leading solution provider of computer forensics, cellphone forensics and CCTV DVR forensics, SalvationDATA has never ceased to innovate and make our products more intuitive and powerful.


[Technical Insights] Cellphone Data to be Extracted Through Router

With the continuous development of forensics technology, cellphone forensics is no longer limited to the traditional way of extracting data recorded in the cellphone itself. Data can also be extracted through network protocols. In this issue, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province(a subsidiary of SalvationDATA) will explain how to extract cellphone data through router.


[Software Release] Extract More Mobile Data with SalvationDATA Newly Released SPF V3.49.7.0

People tend to use smartphones to store and transmit information more than ever, so do criminals. The need for mobile forensics is growing, which, in turn, requires sound mobile forensics tools for efficient data extraction. And SalvationDATA SmartPhone Forensic System(SPF) is the kind that can help investigators extract more actionable data and crack cases faster. To that purpose, SalvationDATA is constantly innovating. And we’re pleased to announce today that the latest version of SPF is available. Here’re some highlights of the latest release.