[Case Study] Detailed Steps for Extracting Data from Burned & Watered Hard Drive of DVR System


[News] SalvationDATA was Awarded Another New Patent from USPTO


[Software Update] VIP V1.0.15.7996 New Version Release for Better DVR Forensics

[Software Update] DRS V17.7.3.263 Available Now with More Capabilities

We have been optimizing our computer forensics software, DRS(Data Recovery System) every day to help investigators recover and extract more evidentiary data from various kinds of hard drives. Let’s see the newly added features in V17.7.3.263.


[Software Update] New SPFV3.54.7.0 Allows Access to More Evidentiary Data

We’re excited to announce the release of the latest update of SPF(SmartPhone Forensic System). The newest release allows users to get access to more evidentiary data and fixed bugs of previous version. What’s new?


[News] Successful Forensic Training with Delegates from Malaysia

From 15 May to 25 May, delegates from a Malaysian forensic laboratory came to SalvationDATA for training. The training, as customized for their specific requirements, covered a wide range of topics concerning computer, mobile and DVR forensics, which not only acquainted them with necessary basic knowledge, but also equipped them with essential skills of doing digital forensics with SalvationDATA forensic products, i.e. DRS(Data Recovery System), SPF(SmartPhone Forensic Sytem) and VIP(Video Investigation Portable).


[Technical Insights] How to Decrypt BIOS Encrypted Hitachi Hard Drive

In this issue, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province will introduce fast decryption methods for BIOS encrypted Hitachi hard drive. This method, compared with other commonly used methods, features simple operation, simplified process and high success rate, and can be used to help onsite forensic experts to quickly extract important clues.


[News] WannaCry Ransomware Infected Files Can be Recovered?

The WannaCry ransomware, as its name suggests, is a kind of virus that hold files on one’s computer hostage until the user pays the amount asked for decrypting files encrypted by hackers. While we’re shocked about how hackers can carry out an attack of such a large scale, we’re also pondering how it is possible.


[News] SalvationDATA at Forensics Europe Expo!

As a “must attend” event for the entire forensics industry, Forensics Europe Expo is an international exhibition & conference that offers a unique 360 degree viewpoint on mobile, computer and DVR forensics.


[Technical Insights] Base Station Data Extraction from Android Radio Log

In this issue, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province will introduce base station data extraction methods from Android Radio log. This method is developed on the basis of base station positioning principles. Only when investigators gained access to the location data of the base station can they confirm if the suspects had been near the station, which could provide vital clue for cracking a case.


[Technical Article] Criminal Found with Recovered Surveillance Video Clips

A Mercedes S400 worth up to one million Yuan was scratched in the parking lot. Who did that? When the car owner went to the property management office for an explanation, he was told that surveillance system broke down at that day. Was it true that there is no way to find out who did this?


[Technical Article] How to Switch Cellphones with Screen-lock to Flight Mode

In the process of cellphone forensics, cellphones need to be put inside signal shielding bags to prevent data getting locked, changed or even erased remotely and to ensure the originality and objectivity of extracted data. In situations where signal shielding bags are unavailable, switching cellphones to flight mode can achieve the same purpose. In this issue, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province will explain how to switch cellphones with and without screen-locks into flight mode.


[Technical Insights] Research on File Recovery and Extraction for WD Hard Disk with Damaged Firmware

In this issue, data recovery experts from the Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province will explain their research on file recovery and extraction technology for WD hard disk with bad sectors. A more efficient method for firmware bad sector restoration is introduced to address the problems of inaccessibility of WD hard disk.