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[News] Customizable Digital Forensic Lab Built for AKPOL and BSSN of Indonesia


[Case Study] Customizable Forensic Lab, Command Center, and Control Room We Built – SOC


[Event] One World, One Heart, One Goal! — the Second Round of Mask Donations from SalvationDATA

SalvationDATA Had 6 Customers Joined Three Weeks Training

For past three weeks, SalvationDATA had trainings for 6 customers at SD new office. The customers are from Middle East, Africa and Europe. “It was a great training, all teachers performed very well and I learned many things after my 5 days stay here”, said John Kanyiri, who had several businesses including PC business in Kenya, wanted to expand his business to DR. Mariam, who is from Cote d'lvoire and had IT service business, is the only female in this training, she was impressed by the profession and knowledge the technicians have, practiced a lot including firmware repair and HDD physical components change, she bought all the SalvationDATA tools with great confidence in expanding her business. The importance in the exhibition is to receive as more customers as possible. We answer to the questions from customers patiently, show how to operate our products particularly, record the customers' reasonable suggestions and help every customers with fluent English and sincere att


Officers from General Command of Gendarmerie of Turkey Came

Last week 7 officers from Turkish Gendarmerie General Command came to SalvationDATA for 5 days data recovery training.The training which is from 4/14 to 4/18 was finished with satisfying results. The first day training started on time at 9:00 am with the topic HDD Basics and Data Recovery Basics. And in the following days, our advanced engineers offered more detailed and vivid main courses as Firmware Basics , Data Compass, HD Doctor suites (Cases& Hands on Operation for Seagate, WD, Hitachi etc.),Flash Doctor and clean room experience is also included! “This training enables us opportunities to make better use of the SalvationDATA tools we already have and will hopefully be especially beneficial in the future jobs”, Said the team leader Ufuk ADIGUZEL.For more SlavationDATA training details, please contact ustraining@SalvationDATA.com


The Second Seminar of Data Recovery Technology in Iran

The second seminar of data recovery technology in Iran was held in Tehran in March 2014.The seminar was focused on the salvation technology and the new version of hard generation.The seminar consists of two parts, which invited experts share their knowledge with the technicals and students who graduated from parse informatics department.The positive feedback of the seminar revealed from the participants’ kind emails and increasing their activity in the data recovery field.It is notable that the seminar started by Mr., Moradian speech then eng.Alireza Mohamadi, eng.Souri and eng.Keshvari present their valuable experiences.


Bheki Langa Visited SalvationDATA

20 March 2014, Bheki Langa, South African Ambassador to China, visited our company and negotiated Video Investigation Combat System (VICS) Program between SalvationDATA and South Africa DGPN. 【Bheki Langa (third from right) & Senior Leaders of SD】 The CEO of SalvationDATA, Mr. Liang, met with four people of South African Embassy in China, including Mr. Langa Bheki Winston Joshua (Ambassador) and Mr. Thembinkosi Gcoyi (the counselor). Both parties had a friendly communication on SalvationDATA Donating VICS Program to South Africa DGPN. Mr. Liang, the CEO of SalvationDATA, introduced the company R&D, product development and market trends, and mainly focused on SalvationDATA Donating VICS Program to South Africa DGPN. VICS System and Digital Forensic Lab System (DFLS) are the new forensic devices launched by SalvationDATA, which bring the revolutionary change to digital forensic field. To meet the international need, the company hopes to invite more international cooperation and achiev


Data Recovery Training in Australia

On Monday 24th June, 2013, Australia's 5 day premiere hands on training course kicked off in Sydney. Customers from Canada, Sydney City and Central Coast joined this professional course.Duration: 5 day (June 24 to June 28)Location: Sydney, Dee Why, Data Recovery Tools Australia Pacific OfficeTrainers: Philip Hurst, Senior technician William from SalvationDATA What is special about this training? 1. It is jointly hosted training by SalvationDATA and Data Recovery Tools Australia Pacific.2. The course includes theory about hard drive mechanics, file systems and firmware. It shows how to diagnose and solve problems whether they be logical, firmware or physical.3. Hands on training: real life case studies are provided in course that can make the course easier to understand. Trainees are learning while working, this way they can boost the trainee's confidence because they have a trainer available to ask questions of if they are unclear about something. Attendees can bring


The Computer Forensic Show Successfully Closed Today

Thursday, May 9 2013. Two- day Computer Forensic Show successfully closed in Jacob Javits Center, New York City - the heart of the US northeast corridor. The show attracts thousands of professionals from the public and private sectors lookin.SalvationDATA CEO Kenneth Liang, CTO Mr Huang and one of our certified reseller James Gao appeared at the show. The full line of best-selling equipments were exhibiting in our Booth, the marketing video for unveiled system (VSIS) was broadcast in loop. SalvationDATA received the first order of Video Surveillance Investigation System with 5 sets from a Police Department (who wish to remain anonymous). The responsible person said " we are using SalvationDATA existing products, their quality equipments and good service exceed our expectations in surprising way every time, that is why we place the order, because we trust SalvationDATA" .Some old customers visited our booth, one of them is from New York City. He works for an Fore


SalvationDATA's First Day in 4th Euro Forensic Conference

March 27th , the much-anticipated 4th Euro Forensics Conference & Exhibition 2013 kicked off in Istanbul Harbiye Military Museum with SalvationDATA's CEO Mr.Liang Sales Manager Ms. Peng, Italia Certified Partner's attendance.Carrying with them their full line of existing products (Data Compass, HD Doctor Suite, Flash Doctor, Data Copy King, HD HPE PRO) and a new product which is still shrouded in mystery. "The new product, armed with cutting-edge technology, was designed to meet video surveillance industrial user's special demands, will be officially unveiled in September 2013, Let's wait and see"Said Mr. Liang.Visitors, among them are experienced data recovery engineers and experts, did not disappointed, the booth filled with a mix of anticipation and excitement as Mr.Liang officially unveils SalvationDATA's high-tech units. Many of them, as some are regular customers, have already familiar with SalvationDATA's branding, they either grouped together discussing actively with SD enginee


SalvationDATA will Attend the Istanbul Exhibition

1SalvationDATA will attend the 4 th international forensic sciences, cyber security surveillance technology conference & exhibition in Istanbul Turkey on March 27-29, 2013. 2The conference & exhibition will feature globally-known-experts-level discussion of latest developments in the field of digital forensics, cyber security, I&S technologies, WCC investigation techniques, and crime scene investigation.Dear readers, do you have any intentions to get into fields mentioned above?3SalvationDATA CEO Mr.Liang will also be there, hanging out with industry friends, sharing his insights of the industry with field experts, and discussing industry trends with specialists. 4A new product with cutting-edge industry technology will be announced on the exhibition, the state-of-the-art VCS, which takes people at SalvationDATA more than 3 years to research and develop. 5 SalvationDATA's primary Strategic Partner, MICRO MANAGEMENT SRL's CEO, Luca Marella, will deliver the keynote speech Computer Foren