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[Software Update] Mobile Forensics: SPF Pro V6.84.27 New Version Release for Better User Experience!

Editor’s note: The latest update of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) is released now! Let’s have a look what new features have been added: You can download the software from our resources page of the website and have a free trial now.


[Case Study] Computer Forensics: An Introduction of Seagate Diagnostic Port Lock

Editor’s note: Seagate is one of the two major HDD (hard disk drive) manufacturers in the world. Today, many new models of Seagate HDDs such as the well-known Seagate triangle-board HDDs have a diagnostic port lock. This lock is designed to prevent non-technical persons to perform unwanted operations on the HDD firmware, and lead to data loss. However, in digital forensics, this diagnostic port lock is going to stand in our way of extracting important case data from hard drives. So today, SalvationDATA forensic experts will discuss the Seagate diagnostic port lock, so that you will know your ways around this feature in your investigations.


[News] Indian Country Partner Visited SalvationDATA


[News] SalvationDATA Cooperated Laboratory Approved a Five-Star Appraisal Organization

Editor’s note: Mr. Xu Chao ming, the appraisal of the Data Recovery Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province cooperated by SalvationDATA, was respectively awarded the “2018 Appraisal of Integrity Evaluation for Five-Star Appraisal Organizations and Five-Star Appraisers”, and was approved by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice.


[News] We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Teletrol-One in Thailand

Editor’s note: During 14th-16th this month, our Director Mr. Kenny Wong and forensic engineer Mr. Raymond Luo were invited to visit Thailand by Teletrol-One Co.Ltd. After a productive meeting, we are delighted to announce the new partnership between Teletrol-One and SalvationDATA in Thailand. Both of us reached an agreement to fully recommend SalvationDATA’s integrated forensic laboratory solutions and digital forensics products to the Thailand market. This new supportive partnership will help us further reach our potential.


[News] Future can be expected SalvationDATA won the Outstanding Private Enterprises in Sichuan Provi

Editor’s note: Recently, the list of outstanding private entrepreneurs in Sichuan Province has been publicized, involving 235 candidates. Among them, SalvationDATA was to be selected as an outstanding private enterprise in Sichuan Province.


[News] School of Cybersecurity From NPU signs a long-term cooperation agreement with SalvationDATA

Editor’s note: The 2nd China (Xi’an) Network Innovation Development Forum and the Inaugural Meeting of the Cybersecurity Academy were successfully held in Xi’an on October 11, 2018.


[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: ADB Backup and Its Use in Digital Forensics

Editor’s note: ADB (Android Debug Bridge) is a very common and one of the most basic mobile forensics tools to deal with Android devices. In this article, forensic experts from SalvationDATA will have a quick walk through of one of the most practical utilities from the ADB toolkit: ADB backup.


[Case Study] Computer Forensics: Quick File Extraction from Bad Sector Drives – Explore SalvationDAT

Editor’s note: The Bad sector is a very common problem for hard disk drives. All hard drives tend to develop the different amount of bad sectors during their lifetime. Bad sector gives people big headaches both in daily lives and forensic investigations. Today, our forensic experts will talk about bad sectors, and introduce an easy solution to this kind of problem.


[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: SalvationDATA Helped a Crime Investigation by Decrypting WhatsApp

Editor’s note: We recently received a crime investigation support request, which is involved with WhatsApp backup database encryption. The artifact to be examined is an Amazon tablet installed with a Fire OS. A police officer turned to us for help because he found the WhatsApp backup database files are encrypted and show “Cypt12” after the filename. A SalvationDATA forensic engineer helped to make crucial progress to the investigation by providing both WhatsApp data on the tablet and chat history from the encrypted database files to the police officer. We posted this article hoping that it will help with your investigations by letting you know how to decrypt WhatsApp backup database files and extract important evidence data.