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Season’s Greetings from SalvationDATA

SalvationData Releases Smartphone Chip Extraction System

SalvationData Smart Phone Chip Extraction System is designed for various smart phone faulty circumstances like corrupted hardware, external damage, mainboard damage, water-soaked etc. where data cannot be analyzed and extracted through normal USB connection. It is capable of bypassing logical barrier such as root authority and locked screen which interrupts direct data extraction. It provides fast image, multi-optional analysis for Android smart phone chips. It also supports data extraction, analysis and report on common apps. Product ComponentsSCE 9168 consists of three parts including “Professional Smart Phone Chip Removal Tools”, “Smart Phone Chip Data Extractor” and “Smart Phone Chip Data Extraction & Analysis Software” Product Advantages1. Optimized Extraction Solution: The system come with professional removal tools to get the chip at ease. With two chip sockets, you are able to conduct data recovery on more than 90% of android phones.2. Standard, Simplified Operation Pr


Full Introduction to Visualization Track Inspect System

SalvationDATA- Visualization Track Inspect System: is a secure and reliable software system which specially aims at deep exploiting data in Android smart device, shows users’ tracks through map and time axis by analyzing and extracting users’ track. Its main functions include: geographic position track inspection, movement and behavior information inspection, keyword full-text search etc.Connect Android mobile phone to PC by USB cable.Figure of mobile phone joint interface On the left shows some basic information about brand, model number, system version and rooting status. Let’s click to start inspecting.Figure of inspection starting interface Inspected result will be shown after completion of inspection.Figure of Inspected result exhibition interface On the interface shown on figure, click “details checking” button, the system will switch to track details exhibition interface. Specific geographical position information will be shown in maps, users’ behavior information will be shown


SalvationDATA Releases Mobile Terminal Visualization Track Inspect System

Visualization Track Inspect System is a secure and reliable software system which specially aims at deep exploiting data in Android mobile phones, shows users’ tracks through map and timeline by analyzing and extracting users’ track. It owns powerful functions, oriented interface and easy operation. Its main functions include: geographic position track inspection, movement and behavior information inspection, keyword full-text search etc.This system is mainly applied in Digital Forensics for Justice Department, and can easily and quickly extract data in Android mobiles without the driver installation and ROOT. It’s the quickest and strongest mobile phone forensic software that can extract and display maximum data. SalvationDATA offers the free trial version of this system for Justice Departments. Powerful Functions:User track: geographic position information which is invisible in Android smart device (longitude and latitude information, and base station information), and daily movemen


Mr. Liang, the CEO of SalvationDATA, Visit Europe and Look For Partners

Mr. Liang, the CEO of SalvationDATA, will go abroad on a tour of investigation and look for partners in Europe. Mr. Liang will visit Cambridge, England and Montpellier, France starting from 22nd April, 2015 to 28th April, 2015. For more information, please contact us via email info@salvationDATA.com.


SQLite Smartphone Recovery Trail Version

We happily announce the good news that Trail Version of SQLite Smartphone Recovery is launched now. You can download and try SQLite Smartphone Recovery for free. It will allow you to recover all the data and view part of them for free. If you like the results, you can pay a promotion price. For more information, please send email to us (info@salvationdata.com). SQLite Smartphone Recovery is one of the cheapest smartphone recovery softwares currently available.Click here to download the trail versionClick here to learn more about SQLite


Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Please kindly note that from February 18, 2015 to February 24, 2015 is Chinese Spring Festival Holiday. SalvationDATA Headquarter will be closed during the holiday and will be reopened on February 25, 2015. We have arranged special staff to help you during the holidays, and they will check emails and answer questions as usual. However, the remote assistance will not be available until February 25, 2015. If you have any urgent questions, please contact your sales consultant Nicolas Zhou: +86 15928714350. We would like express our sincere thanks to all our customers and partners, for your kind support during the last year. SalvationDATA would like to share your happiness with every one of you during Chinese traditional New Year. SalvationDATA Headquarter


New Website in the Testing Phase

SalvationDATA is cheerful to inform you that SD launches its new website on Jan. 6, 2015. The website now is in the testing phase for one month, and SD workers keep checking the website and revise any mistakes in time. If you have any suggestions or find any mistake or problem, please let us know by message or email. a. Link mistakesb. Slow loading speedc. Information mistake/Information is not enoughd. Other problems It will be appreciated a lot if you share any advice or problems with SD. You are warmly welcomed to make SalvationDATA better with us. Thanks for your understanding and support. E-mail: info@salvationdata.com


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Dear Friends, The holiday season is coming. SalvationDATA wishes every friend Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year. We are happy to inform you that SalvationDATA will bring the world-leading new data recovery system to the globe. It will be revolutionary in the data recovery field. Thanks for your understanding and support for this whole year, and we are looking forward to serving you with your revolutionary devices & solution for the 2015 year. SalvationDATA


SalvationDATA’s Show on WCIF

The Fifteenth Western China International Fair will be held in Chengdu from October 23rdto November 3rd 2014. The first stage is from October 23rd to 26th, which is mainly for industries including electronic information, advanced manufacturing, aerospace, new materials, new energy and so on in western China. The second stage is from October 30th to November 3rd, which is mainly for consumer goods including gifts & crafts, furniture, fashion, leisure & tourism, food and health products.As a high-tech enterprise in the field of information security, SalvationDATA is invited to participate in the first stage of WCIF (October 23rd to 26th). SalvationDATA will exhibit new product of Data Recovery, Video Investigation, Electronic Evidence and Data Leaks.Time: October 23rd to 26th 2014Location: New Century Exhibition Center, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu.Hall Distribution: Hall 2 and 7


New SQlite Smartphone Recovery Tool

Recently, SalvationDATA developed a new SQlite Smartphone Recovery Software with the powerful functions but simple operation. What is SQlite Smartphone Recovery Tool? SQlite Smartphone Recovery Tool is commonly used for smartphones which are running on Wince, Android, iOS and Mego. It can recover data from text messages, contacts, call logs, Internet browsers, mails, as well as APPs such as QQ, Wechat.Features:1. Data ReconstructionNormal recovery tool based on SQlite is unable to recover deleted, corrupted, or overwritten contents, our tool can reconstruct all the lost data based on SQlite rules.2. Time Display Conversion For SQlite, the time is usually displayed as a digit number 1389574000838, which does not mean anything. Our tool can convert them to the readable format, 2014-01-13 08:46:40.3. Database Automation + Manual Modification In order to avoid the mistakes caused by auto-match in the program, we designed a function for users to manually pinpoint keywords t