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Season’s Greetings from SalvationDATA

[News] First day of 2016 Digital Forensics Techniques Training

25th, May 2016, SalvationDATA Digital Forensics Tools Training program launched in Chengdu China. The marketing manager introduce the company to the attendees. The engineers make a breif intrudction of products like DRS, SPF9139, APE and SCE.


[News] Data Secured in a World Vulnerable to Hacking

How can we get the data back if hackers destroyed the valuable data or if a criminal wiped his tracks on webcam?


[News] DRS Shows on the Cyber Crime & Cyber Law of India Investigators Workshop Training

During July 16th 2016. the Cyber Crime&Cyber Law of India Investigators Workshop Training has been held in New Delhi for the Indian Cyber Crime&Law Computer investigators.


[Technical Article] SalvationDATA (DRS)Data Recovery System Case Study

How to remove password of encrypted Seagate drive by DRS?


[News] How Your Data Get Stolen from a Locked iPhone?

Could an iPhone guarantee the security of our personal data? We are likely to think that our data is well guarded with passwords and TOUCH-ID. Well, the truth is nothing is safe in hackers' hands.


[News] DRS and VIP Draw High Attention from Global Police

The Cyber Crime Investigators Workshop with Haryana Police recently took place at Faridabad police station in October 2016. This workshop of cyber crime & cyber law for Faridabad polices was led by famous cyber security expert Mr. Anuj Agarwal.


[News] CFTT(Agency Supported by NIST) Admitted SalvationDATA Data Recovery System to its Catalog

The SalvationDATA's fifth generation data recovery system DRS has passed America Computer Forensics Tool Test and is qualified to be listed on their catalog. SalvationDATA's DRS has been added in four main catalogs of CFTT as deleted file recovery, disk imaging,file carving, and forensic tool suite. Now you can check out SalvationDATA DRS on the CFTT website.


[Event] SalvationDATA Presents at Western China International Fair

Unveiled on Nov 3rd at Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center, the 16th Western China International Fair attracted over 60,000 visitors from 91 countries around the world.


[News] SalvationDATA and Delegates from Pakistan Exchanged Notes on Digital Forensics

On Oct 18th, SalvationDATA and delegates from Pakistan held talk on development and cooperation of digital forensics.


[Technical Article] (DRS)Data Recovery System Disk Imaging Function Demonstration

As normal hard drives without bad sectors doesn't involve skipping bad sectors while imaging, we can choose the relatively fast and simple approach, i.e. Quick Image function.And the specific operation of this function is demonstrated as below.