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[Tips] How to Verify Digital Evidence with Hash Value

Editor’s note: Hash is a crucial part of digital forensics. Hash values can be considered as the signatures or fingerprints of data strings, files or even entire hard disks. The hash value is produced that identifies the contents of the file. If the contents are modified in any way, the value of the hash will also change significantly. This is why Hash is widely used in digital forensics to verify the integrity and originality of evidence data.


[Software Update] Computer Forensics: DRS V18.7.3.292 New Version Release for Better User Experience

Editor’s note: The latest update of DRS (Data Recovery System) is released now! Let’s have a look what new features have been added: You can download the software from our resources page of the website and have a free trial now. 1. Optimized imaging function module, increasing usability, avoiding data overwrite by misoperation.


[Case Study] Computer Forensics: A Method to Recover Data from MySQL Database by Utilizing Binlog

Editor’s note: Binlog is short for binary log, the binary log contains “events” that describe database changes such as table creation operations or changes to table data. It also contains events for statements that potentially could have made changes (for example, a DELETE which matched no rows), unless row-based logging is used. The binary log also contains information about how long each statement took that updated data.


[Tips] Mobile Forensics: How to Make Analysis on Smartphone Backups

Editor’s note: Welcome to read our first [Tips] article, we are planning to post this type of article to introduce the small tips of using our forensic tools from time to time. In this post, we are talking about a few things you should keep in mind when you want to make an analysis on smartphone backups.


[News] 2018 SecureCon Product Day and Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Control Security Forum

Editor’s note: On November 30, 2018, the launching ceremony of the 2018 Cyber-Physical System (CPS) Control and Security Forum and SecureCon Product Day was held at the Northwestern Polytechnical University.


[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: A Flaw of DJI Drones Can Expose Photos, Videos and Flight Logs

Editor’s note: DJI (Da-Jiang) is a Chinese technology company, well known as a manufacturer of drones used for aerial photography and videography. Today DJI is very popular around the world. With the rapidly growing use of drones, drone forensics is also becoming a hot topic in the DFIR community.


[Software Update] Mobile Forensics: SPF Pro V6.84.27 New Version Release for Better User Experience!

Editor’s note: The latest update of SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) is released now! Let’s have a look what new features have been added: You can download the software from our resources page of the website and have a free trial now.


[Case Study] Computer Forensics: An Introduction of Seagate Diagnostic Port Lock

Editor’s note: Seagate is one of the two major HDD (hard disk drive) manufacturers in the world. Today, many new models of Seagate HDDs such as the well-known Seagate triangle-board HDDs have a diagnostic port lock. This lock is designed to prevent non-technical persons to perform unwanted operations on the HDD firmware, and lead to data loss. However, in digital forensics, this diagnostic port lock is going to stand in our way of extracting important case data from hard drives. So today, SalvationDATA forensic experts will discuss the Seagate diagnostic port lock, so that you will know your ways around this feature in your investigations.


[News] Indian Country Partner Visited SalvationDATA


[News] SalvationDATA Cooperated Laboratory Approved a Five-Star Appraisal Organization

Editor’s note: Mr. Xu Chao ming, the appraisal of the Data Recovery Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province cooperated by SalvationDATA, was respectively awarded the “2018 Appraisal of Integrity Evaluation for Five-Star Appraisal Organizations and Five-Star Appraisers”, and was approved by the Sichuan Provincial Department of Justice.