[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: Video Retrieval Technology-Research on Target Tracking


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[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: Video Retrieval Technology-Research on Target Detection

Editor's Note: In this issue, data experts from SalvationDATA will introduce an essential technique, target detection, used for video retrieval. Among all the techniques used today for target detection, background modeling, featuring less calculation, low storage memory occupation, real-time and high robustness, is the most popular one. Cameras are deployed, nowadays, on almost every street thanks to the Surveillance Web project that requires every corner to be monitored. And the implementation of this project requires massive amounts of video clips to be stored. So how we can extract from it valuable leads that can help investigators crack a case becomes crucial.


[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: Video Retrieval Technology-Research on Video Decoding

Editor's note: Recent years have witnessed tremendous social development, increasing population migration and fast exchanging of information, all of which entails the constant transformation of the ways police department used to conduct forensics in order to meet ever-changing forms of crime. To meet this challenge, more and more hi-tech devices have been equipped, in recent years, for the police department to combat crimes. And DVR forensics, as one of the key branches of forensics, plays a crucial part in facilitating the transformation. To get a better understanding of DVR forensics, forensic experts from SalvationDATA will explain, starting from this issue, their research on DVR forensics.


[News] SalvationDATA is participating in National Procuratorate Technology and Equipment Exhibition

We are participating in PTEE2017! Get a hands-on experience of our popular forensic products at our booth.


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[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics: How to Retrieve Video Clips Without Transcoding

Editor's note: In this issue, data experts from SalvationDATA will introduce a video retrieval method that does not require transcoding, which is good news for field investigators, because the method can dramatically improve case handling efficiency by saving the time needed for transcoding. And it is compatible with various video formats like .avi, .dav, .mkv, .bsr, .ts, .264, .lfv, .dat etc.


[Technical Insights] DVR Forensics-Ways to Reach Surveillance Host

In this issue, experts from SalvationDATA will introduce several ways to reach surveillance host, which could help improve the efficiency of evidentiary data extraction during field investigation.


[Software Update] Forensic Data Recovery Tool DRS V17.7.3.268 Available with More Capabilities

We're excited to announce today that new version of Forensic Data Recovery Tool DRS is available for update. Update to the latest version now to explore its new capabilities. Some of the new features added include: 1. Muti-tasking is now online! Supporting up to 4 DRS process running simultaneously. 2. New imaging input and output format: E01, AFF. 3. New HASH calculation tool in tool box, supporting MD5, SHA1, SHA256 algorithm for files or strings. 4. Multiple bug fix, system optimizing.


[Technical Article] Recover Data from Encrypted External Hard Drive (USB Port)

This issue covers the forth technique application case study conducted by SalvationDATA technicians — data recovery through the opening of a WD 1TB external hard drive. The hard drive involved in this case study was badly scratched and double-secured (hard drive firmware encryption + USB firmware encryption), which makes this case study a typical one. Recovering data from this hard drive is quite different and much more difficult, because normal hard drives can generate image file and access data after changing the magnetic head, but this one cannot. To recover data from the double-secured hard drive with USB port, we needed to have its circuit board changed twice and obtain the key for decrypting the hard drive through initiating WDunlocker by simulating data needed for decryption. No data can be recovered from the image file of said hard drive unless the hard drive is decrypted.


[Technical Article] SalvationDATA Helps Reveal Truth of a Fatal Crash

Driver of a Honda died after a head-on collision with a truck and, with no camera around that remote area, automobile data recorder of the Honda is the key for identifying the cause and liability of the accident. When police retrieved data from the recorder, however, the last-minute record is missing. What’s the truth then?


[News] SalvationDATA at Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference!

It needs no reaffirmation that Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference is one of the most important resources for corporate network security professionals, federal, state and local law enforcement digital forensic specialists, and cyber security industry leaders from around the world. Attending the event not only helps professionals gain deeper insight into digital forensics, but also enables companies to network with resources around the globe. And we’re sure that SalvationDATA is one of the resources that can help you out of your forensic conundrums at Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference.