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Data Secured in a World Vulnerable to Hacking

Data Secured in a World Vulnerable to Hacking We all live in a world more interconnected than ever. Our data are actually not safe when we thought that we’ve done all we can to guard our valuable information. The internet of things enable us to share information efficiently, but it also makes us more vulnerable to online malicious acts. News like major companies like SONY, Ebay being hacked keep arising. And the same act has happened in America AGAIN in last few days.Several popular websites were targeted by hackers using common devices like webcams and DVRs. Though it is a relief to us all that the attack has been resolved according to Dyn. How can we get the data back if hackers destroyed the valuable data or if a criminal wiped his tracks on webcam? Well, SalvationDATA is always ready to help whenever such scenario occurs. Every bit of tracks of a criminal on webcam can be found with SalvationDAtA’s Video Investigation Portable(VIP). Video Demo: https://


SalvationDATA and Delegates from Pakistan Exchanged Notes on Digital Forensics

SalvationDATA and Delegates from Pakistan Exchanged Notes on Digital Forensics SalvationDATA and delegates from Pakistan On Oct 18th, SalvationDATA and delegates from Pakistan held talk on development and cooperation of digital forensics. During the delegates’ visit in China, technical engineers from SalvationDATA were given the opportunity to present SalvationDATA’s 3 main systems on digital forensics, i.e. Data Recovery System (DRS), SmartPhone Data Recovery Forensics System (SPF) and Video Investigation Portable (VIP). And Video Investigation Portable grabbed much attention from Pakistani delegates. SalvationDATA presents digital forensics systems During presentation, technical engineers from SalvationDATA answered plenty of questions on VIP from the delegates, which showed that the delegates were very glad to be introduced to the system. Before the meeting ended, the delegates remarked that VIP is the kind of system that can help investigators acquire actionable video materials


DRS and VIP Draw High Attention by Global Police

The Cyber Crime Investigators Workshop with Haryana Police recently took place at Faridabad police station in October 2016. This workshop of cyber crime & cyber law for Faridabad polices was led by famous cyber security expert Mr. Anuj Agarwal. At the workshop, Mr. Anuj introduced how to use advanced digital forensics technology to effectively attack cyber crime, especially emphasized on utilizing DRS(Data Recovery System) and VIP(Video Investigation Potable) for data recovery and digital forensics. Mr. Anuj said, “Not only had DRS already been listed on the CFTT Catalog, but also it had recently helped Indian National Cyber Security Department recover data from a dead hard drive which cannot be extracted by any other data recovery tools in the market.” As the powerful crime-solving tools, DRS and VIP have already helped many investigations all over the world. The police commander of Faridabad police station Mr. Naveen, also praised and showed great interest in trying DRS and VIP,


DRS has been list on the CFTT Catalog

The Salvationdata fifth generation data recovery system DRS has pass the America Computer Forensics Tool Test and been qualified to be list on their catalog successfully. Salvationdata DRS has been added in four mainly catalogs of CFTT as deleted file recovery, disk imaging,file carving, and forensic tool suite. Now you can check out SalvationDATA DRS on the CFTT website.


How Will iPhone7 Affect Mobile Forensics?

Apple Inc. unveiled the iPhone 7 which comes with 10 new features including the camera, design, parameter and the operating system. All these changes help to improve the user experience, but inevitably will increase difficulty in mobile forensics. So what on earth the iPhone7 changes will impact on mobile forensics? As we will see what Data Recovery Key Laboratory of Sichuan Province (Branch research institution of SalvationDATA Technology) researchers found below.1. Data storage structure changes. After switching to iOS10, iPhone7 has some changes in the data storage structure, which undoubtedly increases the difficulty in mobile data extraction.2. Storage capacity expansion. The max storage capacity of iPhone7 ranges up to 256GB. However, note that with the more storage space it requires heavier workload on data extraction. Hence it proposes higher demand of the forensics device’s data manipulation capabilities, speed and other hardware performance as well.3. Data recovery. Recover d


SalvationDATA DRS Case Study


VIP Key Function Video Demo

VIP(Video Investigation Portable) is a forensically sound system for video acquisition, recovery and analysis from video surveillance during investigations. Through VIP, it helps clarify the visual evidence and restore the truth rapidly.Click here to view the video demo for VIP key function


SalvationDATA VIP Case Study


SalvationDATA shows on PTEE

On 18 - 19 Aug, SalvationDATA has participated in the Procuratorial Technologies and Equipments Exhibition, 2016. SalvationDATA booth has been designed as the digital forensics laboratory which is really a piece of eye! During the exhibition, lots of governmental officers and experts have visit our booth, and they all speak highly of SalvationDATA technology and equipment. Thanks for all the friends visiting and feedback. What a successful show we’ve got on PTEE!


SalvationDATA Video Investigation Portable VIP Free Trial

What if the forensic video materials has been deleted from the CCTV DVRs by the Criminal? SalvationDATA Video Investigation Portable named as VIP could help you recover the lost data in the various brands' CCTV DVRs. Especially some famous Chinese brands like Dahua, Hikvision etc. Find more VIP product details: http://www.salvationdata.com/products/vip-trial/ Now it's free trial period for VIP, do not hesitate to contact us: info@salvationdata.com