[Case Study] WhatsApp Forensics:Decryption of Encrypted Databases and Extraction of Deleted Messages


[News] First SalvationDATA Tech Championship


[Software Update] VIP V1.0.15.7996 New Version Release for Better DVR Forensics


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Data Recovery System First Demo Video Release

Data Recovery System First Demo Video Release


SalvationDATA’ s Show on CSITF in 2016

During April 21th to 23th 2016, the Fourth China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair has been held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.As a high-tech enterprise in the field of information security, SalvationDATA was invited to participate in and exhibited the new product of Data Recovery System, and received the viewers’ acclaim after field demonstration of its wonderful functions. The CSITF has paved a bright way for the Data Recovery System’s release and won great market confidence for SalvationDATA research team as well.


The ‘Textalyzer’ Could Help Curb Distracted Driving in New York

The ‘Textalyzer’ Could Help Curb Distracted Driving in New YorkNew York lawmakers have proposed implementing a new test to curb mobile phone usage behind the wheel: the Textalyzer.Much like its nominal inspiration, the Breathalyzer, the Textalyzer would allow law enforcement to ask for phones from drivers involved in accidents and then determine whether those phones had been illicitly used while the drivers operated their vehicles. The bill that could usher in this policy is currently in the early committee stage in the New York State Senate, the New York Times reports.Any drivers who refused to hand over their phones to an officer after a crash could have their license suspended, similar to the terms of the Breathalyzer test. The Textalyzer would not have access to a phone’s content, but only whether it had been used recently.New York has hands-free driving laws, which means people operating vehicles cannot use smartphones or hold cells to their ears for calls while driving. Still, di


DRS Core Function XI – File Analysis

Integrated with functions of encrypt file analysis, confidential file analysis, MFT file analysis and suspicious file analysis, File Analysis function of Data Recovery System makes it capable of analyzing and searching various specific file types, which quickly lists relevant files and separately extracts files. The File Analysis function of DRS includes the following contents:Ø File classification Ø Signature file recovery analysis Ø Encrypted file analysis Ø Timer shaft analysis Ø Suspicious file analysis Ø Confidential file analysis Ø MFT file analysis


New YouTube Official Channel Lauch

New YouTube channel of SalvationDATA is lauched,check it out!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpC3xbkkFPgmX4fc4rprnpg


DRS Core Function X – File Search

On account of some needs for special file searching during forensics, File Search Function of Data Recovery System has provided users with rapid and deep search functions for the specific files, based on actual conditions. The File Search function of DRS includes the following contents:Ø Search by keyword Ø Search by file access timeØ Search by file extension Ø Search by zonal space Ø Search by file time Ø Search by file modified timeØ Free space searching Ø Zip file searching Ø Full search


“Intensive Read” Force to Recover the Incomplete Data

“Intensive Read” can be explained as forcing to read. In order to enhance the readability of HDD with bad sectors, the program improves the intensity of working heads with a group of special instructions. Normally, that method is used in the application of such important data recovery by force. But we do not suggest that method due to degradation caused potentially. Only for a few of important files( such as evidence in court, database files, etc. ), the data recovery can have a good result beyond the normal mostly. For example, in an important case of investigation, the image recovered cannot display normally as following, but the second is a good result processed by intensive read. Pic. 1#, normal recovery method on the HDD with bad sectors Pic. 2#, intensive read on the HDD Recurrence: tutorial on “Intensive Read” hand-by-handNext, we will take a Seagate HDD( Model NO. ST94011A, SN: 3KW1AA08 ) of laptop as an example of data recovery. 1. Inspection of HDD externalFirstly, w


DRS Core Function IX – Automatic Forensics

Having included some conventional electronic data loggings, Automatic Forensics conducts a definite classification of the forensics content which contains a more detailed data information selection. Furthermore, for targeted search, it can enact some relevant strategy choice classification to directly target the record type required for forensics. The automatic forensics function of DRS includes the following contents:Ø System Trace System information, installing software, USB usage record, recent routine, user information, network linkage record, the manufacturer information of operation system Ø User Trace Network neighborhood, recent access record, WINDOWS search history, recycle bin deletion record, remote desktop record, user input trace, add to auto record, print trace Ø Internet History IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, 360 Browser, QQ Browser, Sohu Browser, OPERA Browser Ø Instant MessagingMSN, SKYPE, QQ, YY Voice, Fetion, Alitalk, Sina UC Ø Download History FlashGet, VeryCD, T


10 Rules for Best HDD Performance

As a important component of data storage on PC, unfortunately HDD occurs errors and failures with increasing frequency. One time of HDD corruption, it will not only cost time of OS reinstallation or replacement fee, more importantly, but also loss of valuable data. In terms of personnel, it is irrecoverable memory. In terms of corporation, it is a heavily disaster. Therefore, it is very important to monitor the healthy condition, to make daily maintenance, to prolong the lifetime of HDD, to secure data storage, to improve your work efficiency and even to maintain the normal operation of the whole company. Please check step by step as following rules. 1. A good quality power supplyUnstable voltage can heavily impact the PC, specifically the HDD. If the voltage jumps up and down, it will make an unstable running speed of drive’s disk and even worse the lifetime of HDD. Causes of unstable voltage can be concluded as the following two points. Firstly, the power supply of PC has a bad q


DRS Core Function VIII – Surveillance Video Data Recovery

This module is specially designed for surveillance video data recovery. The surveillance video data recovery function of DRS can be explained as following: Ø Support DaHua, HIKVISION and other tens of brands or formats Ø Recover the deleted, lost, covered and fragmented video Ø Apply the own algorithm to recover data from non-standard monitors Ø Extract data by network port of monitors for the extracting in place solution Ø Recover and extract files from non-standard operation system of diverse monitors For more information about Data Recovery System, please contact us: info@salvationdata.com