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[Products Launch] Boost Your Imaging Speed With SalvationDATA New Generation Forensic Hardware: DCK 2 and Write-Blocker


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Season’s Greetings from SalvationDATA

[News] SalvationDATA Product Day in Nepal 2019

Editor’s note: On 17th May 2019, SalvationDATA and their partner jointly held the SalvationDATA Product Day at the head office of Nepal National Police locates in Katmandu successfully! More than 30 police officers who serve for the regarding departments of Nepal Police attended this seminar, the interaction between the attendees and the SalvationDATA’s experts was very active.


[News] SalvationDATA entered the Saudi Arab and relative market in 2019!

Editor’s note: During the 24-27th of this April, the valued guests of Saudi Arab visited SalvationDATA to have the face to face conference and sign the partnership agreement. Not only advanced technology and solutions but also the hospitality of our staff impressed them!


[News] SalvationDATA’s SPF has been listed as a training tool at the University of Zagreb

Editor’s note: Recently, SalvationDATA and University of Zagreb reached teaching cooperation and selected SPF(SmartPhone Forensic System Professional) as the main teaching tool of forensic analysis course for mobile phone forensics.


[Tips] How to Quickly Locate Potential Key Evidence Files

Editor’s note: Data recovery is a crucial part of digital forensics. SalvationDATA’s Data Recovery System is a powerful data recovery tool which is capable of recovering and extracting important digital files from both good and damaged storage media. When dealing with a data recovery case, we sometimes struggle to find potentially useful evidence files from a big pile of recovered files. So today, our topic would be how to quickly locate potential evidence files with DRS.



XLY Salvationdata Technology INC. is pleased to announce an expansion plan of our distribution network. We are China’s leading integrated solutions provider of digital forensics, data recovery, data security, and E-discovery. As a pioneer of the industry, SalvationDATA is always committed to providing innovation platform with proprietary technologies for Law Enforcement Agencies, Government, Military Intelligence Agencies, Digital Forensics Laboratories, and Corporations, etc. SalvationDATA’s professional engineers and forensic experts are dedicated to providing outstanding service to more than 9,000 customers from over 130 countries around the world.


[Life] Holiday Notice of Chinese New Year 2019!


[Event] 2019 SalvationDATA Annual Season Opener Kick Off Party!!!

Editor’s note: It has been 18 years since SalvationDATA was established. During these 18 years, with our customers’ requirements in our hearts, we have never ceased to innovate and managed to grow bigger and bigger.


[Case Study] Mobile Forensics: How to Unlock Vivo Screen Lock of the Latest Models

Editor’s note: In the latest version of our SPF Pro (SmartPhone Forensic System Professional), our team introduced another powerful solution, the Vivo screen unlock tool. Smartphone forensics is becoming more and more difficult these days as the security of both iOS and Android is leveling up. Physical extraction became no longer feasible after Android 6.0, a memory dump of the latest smartphones are fully encrypted. But with our latest Vivo unlock tool, you would be able to deal with some of the latest Vivo models even if they are locked by password. Now let’s see how our tool works to unlock the smartphones.


[Tips] How Do the Parameters Work in DRS Advanced Imaging

Editor’s note: Advanced imaging is a unique feature of SalvationDATA’s computer forensic product DRS. By utilizing our bad sector bypassing technology, advanced imaging function gives you a possibility to recover important data from the defective hard drive which is corrupted by bad sectors. There are a few parameters to be configured in advanced imaging for better performances in different situations. But the reality is, customers often feedback to us that they don’t know how the parameters work, so they just use default settings in every situation. So in this Tips article, let’s talk about these parameters in advanced imaging, and how should we set them in different situations.


SalvationDATA founder Kenneth Liang participated the 13th Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress

Jan 19, 2019, the second meeting of the 13th Sichuan Provincial People’s Congress was grandly held in the Jinjiang Auditorium, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Kenneth Liang attended the meeting with more than 800 delegates and listened to the report, they will fulfill the responsibilities and actively participate in politics, to build a beautiful and prosperous for the new journey of Sichuan.