DRS Core Function IX – Automatic Forensics



Having included some conventional electronic data loggings, Automatic Forensics conducts a definite classification of the forensics content which contains a more detailed data information selection. Furthermore, for targeted search, it can enact some relevant strategy choice classification to directly target the record type required for forensics.


The automatic forensics function of DRS includes the following contents:

Ø  System Trace

System information, installing software, USB usage record, recent routine, user information, network linkage record, the manufacturer information of operation system

 Ø  User Trace

Network neighborhood, recent access record, WINDOWS search history, recycle bin deletion record, remote desktop record, user input trace, add to auto record, print trace

 Ø  Internet History

IE, Google Chrome, Firefox, 360 Browser, QQ Browser, Sohu Browser, OPERA Browser

 Ø  Instant Messaging

MSN, SKYPE, QQ, YY Voice, Fetion, Alitalk, Sina UC

 Ø  Download History

FlashGet, VeryCD, Thunder Downloader, QQ Download

 Ø  Mail Log


 Ø  Log Record

Switch log, security log, system log, application log, IIS log

 Ø  Storage Record

Baidu storage, 360 storage