DRS Update of Underlying Code & Ordering Style



Comparing with the last update, the latest version of DRS has been highly optimized on operation and underlying code compiling and running.


Optimized Function & Thoughtful Guidance


1.     Optimized Hexadecimal Editor Module

Pragmatically Hexadecimal Operation Module has been added to onto DRS. That module makes users able to make “Jump” and “Syn-Jump” on HDD table, and show us an easy way of viewing Disk Partition and viewing files in hex.



 “In Hexadecimal Editor Module, you can jump directly to the ‘new position’ inputted.”


2.     Redesigned DR Report with MD5 Verification Newly Added

According to earlier feedback from our customers, the DR report has been redesigned in formation. To mainly readjust the order rules and classification methods of the report, it has largely improved the readability and practicability. In addition, the latest DRS adds MD5 verification which provides customers various and valuable method of verification.



 “New style of ordering in DR report”


3.     Designating Sectors Function with Efficiency Improved of Scanning Lost Partition

DRS performs great on lost partition scanning, but consumes time a lot. The latest version has added “Designated Sectors Scanning” function. Users can operate manually and designate the sectors for scanning, works much more efficient on lost partition scanning than before.



 “Specific scanning on the designated sectors”


4.     Firmware Module

Hitachi sector access interruption restoration and Hitachi ROM read as new functions have been added to DRS. DRS is also able to deal with re-load problem caused by system fault of Seagate HDD.






Underlying Code Optimization with Data Extraction Efficiency Improved


1. Big Data Index Function with 40% up of Loading Speed

The latest DRS has added Big Data Index function, and comparing with the former, raise up 40% in the speed of data loading in the level of 2 million data entries. DRS processes quickly in opening result page of TB-level HDD scanning, and acquires DR results in less time.



 “Result page of Big Data scanning”


2. Newly Added 2 Prototypes of External Interface of HDD: RAID/NVMe

The latest DRS can support RAID connecting directly and NVMe( a standard adopted by a number of DELL Alien laptops ) HDD connecting.






Others Enforcement on User Experience


1. Newly added cancel function of registration, it will exit while the registration cancelled.

2. Newly added history loading function, it will automatically match data source with records in the loading process.

3. Newly added cancel re-allocation of RAID function, it will exit while the extraction of RAID gets stuck.

4. Newly added a bug-fix, it will solve the problem that user cannot operate on other pages while they process the firmware sectors.