Upgrade to, we are preparing for the final update of DRS for you!


The long-awaited Data Recovery System is going for final checks and upgrades before its official launch. Having upgraded to, Data Recovery System has increased two additional functions for photo viewer and shortcut key. In addition, some programs are further optimized.


Two additional functions make easier operation


1. Photo Viewer: View, Rotation, Scaling

Under thumbnail mode after file scan, the large image can be shown by double-click, and it can be shrinked and rotated.


Direct preview of the deleted picture


2. Shortcut key: Search, Skip, Refresh

Having been added 14 shortcut keys, Data Recovery System is simpler to operate. What is more, R&D team will consistently add more shortcut keys for users to improve efficiency.


Furthermore, the version has optimized 5 performances in data recovery and image process. Say, the direct view in hexadecimal content can be implemented by right-click on file. And by adjusting some parameters, the new version has made some hard disk with bad sectors efficiently evade the probable stuck in partition or parameter acquisition.


For more information about Data Recovery System, please keep continuous attention to us. SalvationDATA will wholeheartedly give you the best service for data recovery.