DRS Core Function V – Deep Recovery


Conducting more professional data recovery, Deep Recovery Module performs more comprehensively but longer compared with Quick Recovery Module.


Main Features:

Ø  Recover lost data caused by wrong partition/virus damage/partition lost

Ø  Recover image files

Ø  Recover audio files

Ø  Recover Word files

Ø  Recover compressed file types

Ø  Recover uncommon file types

Ø  Support user-defined data recovery

Ø  Support catalogue recovery excluding MFT catalogue

Ø  Support directly reading scanned partition


         Deep Recovery Module can proceed restore for various files, including image, audio, video and word files, in storage media. And for some complex conditions like partition loss, format, accidental deletion and clone, DRS can conduct file reorganization. Its advanced ProRecover logical recovery technology can achieve comprehensive and complete recovery.