DRS Core Function III - High-speed Image


Imaging is a necessary function in data recovery tools. By imaging, users can safely image original data from a patient HDD to another HDD or imaging files. After imaging, users can recover data from the cloning one so that the original can be totally saved and protected.

High-speed imaging module can comprehensively image and clone data from normal hard drives/USB flash/CF card/TF card etc., which is widely applied to HDD copy by byte-to-byte and HDD image in the digital forensic field.


Main features:

Ø  Applied UDMA-133 transform technology, and the testing copy speed reaches 12GB/min

Ø  Support copying data for IDE/SATA, HDD, USB Flash, CF cards and TF cards at high speeds

Ø  Monitor the whole imaging process in real time

Ø  Precisely record the number of sectors that failed to copy during the imaging process

Ø  Use different colors to show imaging fast or slow during the imaging process

At the same time, DRS integrates Super image solution, which can precisely read data on bad-track HDD and copy 0101 by reading and extracting forward, backward or repeating. DD files, E01, ISO are supported.