New SQlite Smartphone Recovery Tool


Recently, SalvationDATA developed a new SQlite Smartphone Recovery Software with the powerful functions but simple operation.




What is SQlite Smartphone Recovery Tool?
SQlite Smartphone Recovery Tool is commonly used for smartphones which are running on Wince, Android, iOS and Mego. It can recover data from text messages, contacts, call logs, Internet browsers, mails, as well as APPs such as QQ, Wechat.

1.      Data Reconstruction

Normal recovery tool based on SQlite is unable to recover deleted, corrupted, or overwritten contents, our tool can reconstruct all the lost data based on SQlite rules.

2.      Time Display Conversion 

For SQlite, the time is usually displayed as a digit number 1389574000838, which does not mean anything. Our tool can convert them to the readable format, 2014-01-13 08:46:40.

3.      Database Automation + Manual Modification 

In order to avoid the mistakes caused by auto-match in the program, we designed a function for users to manually pinpoint keywords to precisely find all lost data that can be recovered for reconstruction.

4.      Recover SMS, contacts or call logs after Smartphone reset.