VICS Video Investigation Combat System


SalvationDATA developed Video Investigation Combat System (VICS) based on the problems Video Investigation facing and the information development trend. The core principle is: Humanistic Technology, Rapid Construction. That is, with the visual tool modeling, to integrate various video data and customize business construction for various application systems efficiently.
SalvationDATA VICS not only cuts down the information cost, but also reduces the information construction cycle, and it’s flexible to adapt the changes in all procedure for police security organ. With the Video Investigation, it can easily satisfy the requirements of standard, efficiency, intelligence, visual judgment, precise evidence. And it can be implemented in the basis of the original data, output reasonable and effective audio and video information which can be used as the criminal evidence.
Video Investigation Series:

1. Video Investigation Extraction system

Mainly composed of Video Intelligent Extraction System VIE, Video Intelligent Extraction System (Simple) VIE-S, Video Investigation Case, Scene Investigation System etc.


Product Characteristics:
l  Unique Function with covered, lost, fragmentary videos recover and extraction
l  Video extraction after disposing “bad track’ of hard disk
l  Compatible with mainstream video formats, and enabling to preview/play without transcoding
2.Video Analysis System

Mainly composed with Video Investigation Management System , Video Synopsis Analysis System, Video Image Processing System, Map Analysis Application System etc.
Video Investigation Management System (VIM) is the basic application platform in VICS system. VIM integrate four function modules: management, scrutinized, map analysis and judged. It connects with various video data inputting methods (like skynet video, on site extraction video) and video investigation application system (various servers). It’s able to offer multi-functional service for video investigation.

Product Characteristics:




According to the case handling necessity and process management requirements (information, people, case, resource etc), VIM provide unified management mode to improve the procedure management level.

 Map analysis
Map analysis function can directly indicate the key factor like people, time, site etc. Real-time marking the key information and automatically generating suspect target track function can reappear the whole case.

During scrutinized the case video, it’s able to process extraction search analysis and key image process, thus quickly find clue and suspect for improve handling efficiency.

Enable to search the case-related video, document, and data by using VICS data base to process in-depth data mining.

3.Video Investigation Application System

Mainly composed of various servers. Such as: interface server, map server, extraction computing server, skynet data connection server, bayonet/intersection data connection server etc.