SalvationDATA's First Day in 4th Euro Forensic Conference


March 27th , the much-anticipated 4th Euro Forensics Conference & Exhibition 2013 kicked off in Istanbul Harbiye Military Museum with SalvationDATA's CEO Mr.Liang Sales Manager Ms. Peng, Italia Certified Partner's attendance.

Carrying with them their full line of existing products (Data Compass, HD Doctor Suite, Flash Doctor, Data Copy King, HD HPE PRO) and a new product which is still shrouded in mystery. "The new product, armed with cutting-edge technology, was designed to meet video surveillance industrial user's special demands, will be officially unveiled in September 2013, Let's wait and see"Said Mr. Liang.

Visitors, among them are experienced data recovery engineers and experts, did not disappointed, the booth filled with a mix of anticipation and excitement as Mr.Liang officially unveils SalvationDATA's high-tech units. Many of them, as some are regular customers, have already familiar with SalvationDATA's branding, they either grouped together discussing actively with SD engineers on the latest technologies and techniques of data recovery, or consulted with engineers on data recovery products and solutions.

                              "Before I walked into this booth, I wasn't expecting to join these trending topics of discussion, that' mind-blowing?                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Jacob Clark, California, U.S.

SD engineers, in return, demonstrating how their products are able to solve any problems experts and pros can meet on a daily basis, and sharing some advanced DR skills with audiences.



 The importance in the exhibition is to receive as more customers as possible. We answer to the questions from customers patiently, show how to operate our products particularly, record the customers' reasonable suggestions and help every customers with fluent English and sincere attitude.

Here we'd like to thank you , our cherished customers , for your long-term support to SalvationDATA, thank you. Please continue to support us.

Readers, stay tuned for more as the Exhibition unfolds.