[Software Release] Extract More Mobile Data with SalvationDATA Newly Released SPF V3.49.7.0



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People tend to use smartphones to store and transmit information more than ever, so do criminals. The need for mobile forensics is growing, which, in turn, requires sound mobile forensics tools for efficient data extraction. And SalvationDATA SmartPhone Forensic System(SPF) is just the right tool that can help investigators extract more actionable data and crack cases faster. To that purpose, SalvationDATA is constantly innovating. And we're pleased to announce today that the latest version of SPF is available. Here're some highlights of the latest release.

1 Newly released version can run on Window 10

2 Major functions like Root, Extraction via USB, MTP Extraction, Loading Local Folder, SIM Extraction, SD Card Extraction, Creating Image, Extracting from Image File, Data Analysis and Report are all integrated in SPF V3.49.7.0




3 Added screen unlock tool for OPPO(Mobile Brand in China)

4 Optimized extraction solution via WIFI and Bluetooth


5 To extract data from more mobile phone models

6 Optimized preview window for media files, preview window can be moved and minimized if operation requires


7 Updated all root tools like 360 Root and King Root

8 Optimized mobile connection repair function

9 Fixed bugs of previous version

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