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How to Start a Data Recovery Business?


Hard drive disk is price while the data is priceless. The concept has been widely accepted by nowadays companies. Data recovery, first as a supplementary IT business, has been an industry with plenty of profits.

How to start a data recovery business? Who are the data recovery customers? What are their demands? Where to find the best data recovery equipments and tools? What kinds of data recovery tools are suitable for new starter? And so on. Here are the answers for the above questions which the starters are deeply concerned of. You’ll find a thorough solution on how to start a data recovery business.

Current Background Of Data Recovery Industry---01
    • Brief background of data recovery market
    • Business mode: Wait customer in shop VS on-site service
    • Data recovery companies growth stages
    • Data recovery Levels: logical, firmware, physical
    • Storage media: HDD, Flash, Mass storage media like server, RAID
Data Recovery Customer Segmentation---02
    • Individual & Family: simple data recovery cases with low profits
    • Small & Medium Companies: More complicated data recovery cases focusing on the data within the hard disk, with higher profits
    • Large and Industrial Companies: Totally focus on the data, providing the highest profits
Customer Demands Classification---03
    • Data Retrieval
    • Computer Forensic
    • Data Wiping
    • Data Security
Return of Investment on Data Recovery Business---04
    • Profits of Data Recovery Cases
    • Benefits from Comprehensive Platform
    • Return of Investment Calculation

More details please download PDF How to Start a Data Recovery Business.pdf

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