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DRToolsAP's Data Recovery Training -The Best Imaging Tools

Topic about the best imaging tools Data Compass and Data Copy King has come to DRToolsAP's Data Recovery Training in Masterbuilders Club, Sydeney.

(Masterbuilders Club)

In the morning, all attendees have arrived before 9:00 am and talked about training. It's nine o'clock, the wonderful data recovery training comes.

In the training, attendees have learnt the difference between Data Compass and Data Copy King with other Imaging tools , how DC and DCK work and solve your problems. And To make attendees have first hand experience, they have been issued to attendees and they will make images with imaging tools .

In the whole process, attendees are concentrating and put forward many questions. You can find from the below picture that an attendee is asking questions to trainer.

At the end of today's traning , attendees are satisfied with it, for it is helpful.

Brief introduction about main attendees:

• Dani, from Lebanon an expert in hi-end PC assembly, wishing to offer data recovery in his country. His company is Brain Workstations and Supercomputers Inc.

• Giselle, form BAD Computer Services in West Sydney , wants to expand her business to data recovery field.

• Chris, from Western Australia , who currently supports over 20 businesses in IT, is looking to expand his data recovery services.

• Hamid, from Victoria, Austrilia, is participating in the course to valuate Salvationdata Tools with the prospect of setting up at data recovery services in Morroco.

Thanks to attendees, the training can be held successfully. Thank you for your support and advice. We trust next training will be perfect. Looking forward to meeting you in next training.

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