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Newly released version 7.0 HD Doctor for WD

After a lot of research and testing on WD hard drives, SalvationDATA has upgraded successfully its HD Doctor for WD to version 7.0 with new support list and new features plus bug fix; please read below to find out more information about the latest program.

Update Date: 2012-07-18
Update Version: 7.0

Updated Feature

1. Add support for new ROYL series and supports up to 1T, 2T and 3T capacity. ROYL is the newest WD series, its special firmware architecture, once locked, firmware cannot be visited directly, which causes the hard disks unable to unlock by only usual operations. In WD 7.0, "common password clear" function was added to complete password clear solution.


2. Add the Firmware Cloud Storage, this feature is added into WD7.0 towards to provide a platform for users to share firmware based on our WD program, which allows users to upload or download firmware from server. Users can search firmware by model, firmware version, S/N and ATA to download.

3. Support ARCO Self-scan of WD ROYL Series, in old version WD 6.5 already can modify the procedure of ROYL series Self-scan but the modification method did not publicized and most users were unable to operate it freely. Therefore, WD 7.0 offers a rather user-friendly operation that users can simply click "ARCO Self-scan" to generate self-scan flow.

Bug Fixed

In previous versions, ROYL self-scan will fail because there is a bug that jumps directly to last stage of self-scan. This is caused by too short wait time of HDD, in 7.0, this bug was fixed.

Download the WD doctor upgrade program, please visit the forum: or you can email to [email protected] for more details.

Click this link to learn more about it:SalvationData HD Doctor for Western Digital Upgraded to 7.0


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