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The Gold Medal Reseller of May-IRS

IRS is our Gold Medal Reseller of May for our data recovery tools.

The market report shows that in May, 2012, most of our company’s resellers had good sales. Among of them, IRS (International Recovery Service) from Italy was the top one and it is our Gold Medal Reseller in May. Congratulations to IRS and sincerely hope in the next month, IRS will have a better performance.Meanwhile, we are greatly appreciated other resellers’ cooperation and support to company. Also hope you will have better sales in June.

International Recovery Service (IRS) is the leader of data recovery industry in Europe and was founded as a Micro Management S.r.l. service, in response to an actual need of our customers for data recovery without sending the media and then the content to third parties so they can have a service with the quality standards and safety already demonstrated. And you can learn more about IRS from

Congratulations to IRS!


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